Endless talk of all things sparkly.


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{from top to bottom:

therealdebramessing never disappoints in the ring category, love these

sharartdesign modeling two best-selling designs both which use sapphires and diamonds as the main focal point

michren247 has a great ring collection going, most from Bellflower Bay

Katie Diamond Jewelry can customize their pieces in 14k yellow gold

Sofia Kaman masters the ultimate antique stack–snake, band, and Victorian set solitaires

Jessica McCormack makes the best anchor ring I’ve seen, love the rope detail

Doyle and Doyle takes a minute to pile it all on, which is necessary when you work with this much amazingness everyday

Daniela Villegas Jewelry got all dressed up, but never forgets the most important part–the jewels

Arrow and Anchor Antiques stacks up her favorites and shows how ripped jeans + diamonds are the next big thing}