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Shop Spotlight: The One I Love, NYC

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The One I Love hasn’t even celebrated their one year anniversary, and what was supposed to be “a fun side project while finishing grad school” has turned into a tastemaker’s treasure trove. Creator and founder Mia set out to provide shoppers with unique, handmade, vintage items at incredible prices. From their selection of vintage rings, to classic furs, and other little trinkets, there are items being added almost weekly. Mia says, “There is something about a beautiful piece that can transform an outfit and give a feminine edge to any woman. It’s magical.” And that is what she aims to do for each one of her customers.

Some of her favorites items currently up in her shop include a Victorian buckle ring (which should be in every collector’s repertoire), a garnet cluster ring, and a blue sapphire antique reproduction ring made in England. A favorite obsession are high school rings, “I wear my grandmothers 10k 1955 high school graduation ring almost every day. She was the most influential person I’ve known, and she inspired the creation of The One I Love. She has passed now, but I feel like a part of her is always with me when I have this ring on.” Vintage high school rings that are unique are big sellers for The One I Love, especially men’s rings. Speaking of men, the selection of men’s rings is also outstanding! Where most shops cater to women and focus more on women’s accessories, The One I Love has used this fact to their advantage, providing men with a large assortment of accessories that constantly need restocking!

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