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Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta, GA

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I am a self-proclaimed workaholic! This summer my goal is to explore more, with little road trips, mini-vacations and lots of antiquing!  I have several ideas lined up and I am excited for you all to come along with me as I give you some tips and inside scoop to some neat antique spots for jewelry lovers! And if I can’t make the trip, I have some correspondents out there that are here to help me!

First up, the Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta, Georgia!

Website: http://www.scottantiquemarket.com/

Dates: 2nd weekend of every month

Where I Stayed: the Artmore Hotel

The Lowdown: There are two different buildings filled with dealers, with a shuttle which runs on a schedule which can bring you to the other building without having to get in your car and find another parking spot. I loved seeing the amount of jewelry at this flea market–it definitely outweighed any other item at the show. So many dealers had great pieces–some more than others, and the prices were pretty good.  A couple dealers had hoards of jewelry, in piles, where you had to really take the time to look.  Others had nice, neat displays…and usually higher prices.  

What I purchased: I purchased one Victorian baby ring (pictured in the 2nd picture), a Victorian turquoise cluster ring from someone with an Irish accent (pictured in the last picture), and a Victorian bypass bangle (which I will write about later, but I’ve posted it in the past).  Highlight of the trip was finally meeting Antqiue Jewelry Addiction