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Right here, Right now: Kanye West

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Besides making a great comeback, Kanye West has been glistening with the best jewels known right now. My first glimpse came with his performance at the VMAs, showing off several yellow gold chains.  I thought his look was on point, especially the red suit.  My second glimpse came from a Twitpic that made me committ about three of the seven Deadly Sins.  It was captioned “gotta cool gift from Cartier.”  Looks like a nice Cartier Love bracelet and a bottle of their own champagne.  The last straw came when I received an email from the crew over at HOORSENBUHS showing Kanye wearing all of their rings and chains in the latest music video called “Erase Me” with Kid Cudi.  Amazing.

Click here to see me wearing the same rings from HOORSENBUHS.