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Q & A with Jim Fiebig of Sell More Color

jim-fiebig-282-300 Jim Fiebig was born into the retail jewelry business in Jonesville, Michigan. He began engraving and small jewelry repairs at age 10 in his parent’s store. After receiving a BA in Music Composition from the University of Michigan, he worked as a musician; jingle producer, and booking agent before returning to the family jewelry business with his own store in Sturgis, Michigan in 1979.

Jim and his wife JoAnn sold the store in 2005 to move to Madagascar and begin a gemstone tourism business which continues today. When they returned from Madagascar later in 2005, Jim founded SellMoreColor.com to increase jeweler’s knowledge and passion for selling colored gemstones. He has worked with shopping television in the US and UK and continues to speak at major Industry Shows and train jewelers around the world. He is also a frequent contributor to Instore magazine and other trade publications.

In January 2008, Jim accepted the position of Global Sales Director for Zultanite Gems, & is now Director of Gemstone Education Sales and Training Events for Parle’ Gemstones.

Jim coordinates trips to Madagascar for gem enthusiasts, and Gem Gossip wanted to know more:


My first visit to Madagascar was Sept. 2000 with my long time travelling buddy, lapidary, and jeweler, Steve Moriarty. We bought lots of great gems and rough. It was very profitable but after visiting other palces around the world, I realized there was something unique about this place…and it was the people.

Jim in Morafene with crowd - 300dpi


It’s easier to tell you the gems we have not yet found on this island: Diamond, Tanzanite, and Zultanite. Virtually every other gem species you can name…and lots you have never heard of exist there.

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Lots of amazing gems in colors never before seen but I have two favorites: One was a 2 carat flawless emerald, finest I have ever seen. We thought it was synthetic… We sent it to AGTA and it was untreated…sold in my store for $16,000. The other favorite is the 4 carat color change Garnet I wear every day that came from Bekily, Madagascar via a friend, Randy Wiese.


Lots...most of them I can actually repeat. The most amazing stories are about the long distance communication that happens on this place that is about the size of California. If anyone ever comes along on a trip…next one will be July 2011, they will have their own crazy stories.


Recently I sold over $150,000 in Zultanite jewelry with my friends on GemsTV in the UK…in 2 hours. Also, one of my clients has begun a foundation to fund scholarships in Madagascar to learn gemology and lapidary…check out www.thedevonfoundation.org

A visit to Madagascar will change your life.