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Lemonade Diamond Bracelet Put it in Your Face

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Can you believe it’s mid-January? Above are photos which reflect what has been going on since the clock struck midnight on December 31st, 2010. Two Thousand Eleven sure has been a fun ride so far.  Enjoy!

{from top to bottom:

snapshot of my wrist at work–wearing a 1920s platinum and diamond watch that was involved in a murder of a gangster (true story!) It is for sale by the way. #Askaboutit

something about pairing pearls with leather, my absolute favorite. I’m wearing an 80″ strand of grey pearls and large white pearl studs.

Seven Deadly Sins.  Been committing one of the seven a lot lately, can you guess which?

Photo of jewelry designer Laurie Kaiser‘s moleskin sketchbooks. #gimmesomemoleskin

Designer discovery Satomi Kawakita. Wow.

Snapshot of my hand on my way to Sunday mass…how amazing is this 14k diamond ring circa 1970 

Continuing my GIA studies with colored stones and trying to come up with a way to remember all these crystal structures and corresponding gemstone species.}