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Q & A with Jewelry Designer of Odette NY



Ever since I stumbled upon Odette NY on Twitter, I’ve been fascinated by the organic and unconventional designs of the brand. What I like most is the fact that each piece is created using the lost wax method, with it first being sketched and second being hand-carved out of wax. I am particularly excited about the new launch of many of the designs in 14k gold. The rings are incredibly stacker-friendly, with “the more the merrier” being an accurate slogan for the entire collection.

Gem Gossip got the chance to catch up with the designer who just finished up some awesome designs that will be unveiled soon. Check out the scoop:


I just finished my new collection, Eye of Ra that takes a lot of inspiration from a recent trip to Greece and Turkey. I took in a lot of visual inspiration from the unusual architecture and textiles, as well as the rough Mediterranean terrain.

Key pieces in the collection are the Ojos Cuff and Ojos Ring, loosely based on the protective evil eye talismans that I spotted everywhere during my travels. Also the Slim Hera Cuff, a simple fitted cuff with hand-etched detailing, perfect for stacking with other bracelets.

I am currently working on a small collection of fine jewelry in 10K and14K yellow and rose gold, mostly rings; some with small stones and rose-cut diamonds. Hopefully this will launch in a few months time.

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The Arrow Cuff and Arrow Ring have definitely been a big hit over the past few months but the Rib Ring is also very popular, which is a nice surprise because the design is so unusual.

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It is such a pleasure to see people wearing something I made, whether they are friends or strangers. My heart always skips a little beat.

One highlight was a few years ago when Taylor Swift wore my Large Swallow Necklace during her interview with Oprah. I had no idea it was going to happen; it was a great surprise and a little surreal to see my necklace on the show.

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I’d love to expand the line to more stores both in the United States and abroad. I also want to travel more and find inspiration from both near and far away places. Being able to design and make things for a living has been a dream come true.

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My wedding band. It’s a cutout laurel pattern on a wide band and one of the first rings I ever made. We had a tiny wedding in Negril on the cliffs over looking the ocean. When I look at it, it brings me back to that day.

That’s one of the reasons I adore rings the most. They are always in view of the wearer and can be serve as a constant symbol and reminder of something meaningful or simply serve as a source of beauty and pleasure.