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Trove Box

Q & A with Hannah Ward Designer of Trove Box




You don’t know how important it is to find a great jewelry box until you start actually collecting fine jewelry and attempt to find the best storage solution that works for you. I of course LOVE my jewelry cabinet but recently found myself continually displaying charms and chains separately, and not in my current jewelry cabinet. I’ve been ok with doing that until I noticed how dusty things kept getting and I really wanted to have them “tucked away” but still be convenient to access, while very visible. I’ve always said when it comes to jewelry storage and jewelry boxes, the saying “out of sight, out of mind” is critical.

Then I came across Trove Box one day on Instagram and instantly fell in love. It came in these beautiful lacquer colors and were reminiscent of antique jewelry boxes, but brand new (no musty smell). I was dying to get my hands on one and couldn’t wait until they were officially launched — which was a few days ago! This box instantly was a treat and had me reorganizing and falling back in love with so many of my pieces all over again. I loved how roomy it was — the swivel compartments, the removable tray — and how posh and luxe the whole thing felt. Finally a box that had everything I wanted, it is like the designer read my mind.

This made me curious to know more about Hannah Ward, founder and creator of Trove Box. She is based in Australia and if she can make a picky antique jewelry collector happy with the box she designed, then I had to interview her!

Hannah Ward | Trove Box

Tell us a bit about your background and what got you started on making jewelry boxes?

I am a marketer by trade, but I should have ignored my parents (!) and worked in antiques or auction houses, my heart has always been in history and objects. I have always had a passion for jewellery – contemporary, antique, designer, costume –  to me it all has meaning and a place. I am especially drawn to the story telling and history of jewellery and love learning about different designers and jewellery houses. In the end, this interest and my marketing knowledge has combined into Trove. I have always hunted for a jewellery box that felt as meaningful as the pieces in my collection, and could never find one, so I created Trove.


What sets Trove boxes apart from other jewelry boxes on the market?

Our boxes have meaning and function superbly. They are designed to house and honour the truly unique stories and collections that are tied to each person’s jewellery collection. The boxes are inspired by vintage jewellery boxes and painstakingly crafted by hand in lacquerware. For centuries people have stored the personal and biographical in boxes much like these. We see Trove pieces as a contemporary take on this long-forgotten art form.

They are not throw away pieces, they are heirlooms. We have also focused heavily functionality. Our aim was to make using the boxes a dream, they had to be beautiful and function simply and be effortless. We wanted to ensure that you could see all of your jewellery as easily as possible, without having to open up numerous compartments and drawers which I find too complex and fiddly. They really are a dream to use.

Lastly, each piece is impeccably designed and crafted. The boxes are made from wood, painted with three coats colour before receiving eight coats of clear lacquer. They are detailed with a delicate gold effect inlay and are lined with the highest quality micro suede material to ensure your pieces are well cared for. and hidden magnets ensure a wonderfully smooth and easy to use experience.


How does one go about picking which color they want?! They are all great!

Go with your heart and your first instinct – your jewellery box needs to make your heart sing! The colours we have chosen have been carefully selected to go with a range of tastes and interiors and I generally find that most customers are immediately attracted to a colour. The funny thing is whilst the exterior colours are beautiful, the truth is, that the party is on the inside! Opening them up is thrilling every time. They really invite you to explore your collection of jewellery. Current choices are Mint, Blush, Midnight Navy, Evening Blue, & Candy Apple.


What is in store for the future? Hopes/Dreams/Goals

I am always collecting and always dreaming but right now Trove is my baby and I am totally focused on it. We will be introducing two new ranges before the end of year. My dream for Trove is that is encourages more people to enjoy their jewellery, connect with it and wear it. I love the idea that each box tells a story of a life so far; a collection of jewels, artefacts gathered, pieces that have true meaning. It’s about reflecting on the meaning behind each piece as well as adding a new piece to inspire you forward. It’s these memories and sentiments that make up a life, and a life well lived. Right now, more than ever, it’s a time to take stock and reflect and enjoy being nostalgic and sentimental. It’s not only the heirlooms inside, but now also your Trove box itself.


Favorite piece of jewelry you own.

It’s a three-way tie !! Is that allowed?! Firstly, predictably, my engagement ring which is a large Celanese Sapphire that I recently had reset into a chunky gold signet style. I love the stone so much and a dear friends Dad sourced it, so it means a lot for many reasons. Secondly, a gold Corn Chip brooch by Lucy Folk, my favourite Australian designer, it adds interest and fun to any outfit and is always a talking point. It’s fabulous. And lastly, my Astrid Fog large heart pendant by Georg Jensen which I just love it for it’s size, feel and happy vibe. I don’t wear it often but when I do it feels so lovely. Plus my Mother only wears Jensen and so it reminds me of her…. Though her style is very different to this piece!

Check out Trove Box if you’re interested in buying a new jewelry box!