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Q & A with Eredi Jovon Jewelry in Venice, Italy



I’ll be the first to say, Venice, Italy needs to be on everyone’s travel destination itinerary! The beauty of the picturesque stone streets, little shops, incredible restaurants and gondola-filled canals will have you feeling like you’re in a painting. I spent about six hours in Venice and I’m aching to go back (photo of Venice taken my me below). When I was there, most shops were closed except a few souvenir shops. I wish I would’ve gotten a chance to swing by Eredi Jovon Jewelry located in Venice–a family-owned shop which specializes in Italian cameos and portrait cameos. Every cameo sold there is hand-carved by Marco and his family! I love the jewelry cases inside their shop–filled to the brim with amazing treasures, ready to be brought back from travels; a keepsake to remember your Venetian trip.

I had to know more about this significant store, so I got to ask Marco Jovon some questions!

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I’ve always deal with beauty and quality and I can’t split any product from its real value. Friederich Nietsche was known to say that you can know the price of everything (just looking at a label or at the tag), but you need to really understand a value of one thing to appreciate it. This is my philosophy too! I’m 100% Italian and I support quality and Italian-made products. My idea of business is give to people something they can be proud of and happy to wear. It’s not enough only to get their money, they must be aware they made the right choice.

Eredi Jovon- about us


My grandfather started the business in 1934, he was a good craftsman and artist for cameos. In 1961, the shop passed down to the hands of my father. He expanded the business to include corals and his customers consisted of people like Ernest Hemingway, Pope Joan XXIII, actors and actresses of Hollywood! In 1998 my father passed away and the shop became mine … it’s a three-generation family business, still focused on our core business: cameos!

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We are the only shop in the world where a customer can bring a picture of a daughter, son, relative, or a pet and we can create a completely handmade cameo unique and one-of-a-kind! We are very proud of this because it’s something that gives customers the “added value” of our company and philosophy.

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Venice is the most special place in the world, built on the water: it’s a delicate aged lady that needs to be respected and loved, everyone that wants to reduce Venice at his own idea has not understood Venice (no cars, no rush, no big mall, not big spaces).  Yes, no cars!

Venice photo by Gem Gossip 1555349_740938219293873_4628738062928792571_n


I hold myself a cameo collection (my small private museum) that show different kinds of cameos. I’m actually writing an e-book on cameos that will be possible to download for the people that will join my special newsletter–the e-book will be ready in November, and free for the people subscribed to my newsletter.  To subscribe, click here.

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