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New Heirloom Collection from Doyle & Doyle: Entwined, FW16

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Have you ever sat and thought about human interaction and our interconnectivity?! We as humans are connected on many different levels, with our friendships and relationships being extremely important to us. I just read an article the other day on the internet that said the secret to living a long and full life is building quality relationships with people we love and care about; our interactions and connections being most important than any other factor. Jewelry is often a representation of our most cherished memories and connections. It is within these relationships in which we receive jewelry, we gift jewelry, and we treasure jewelry. All these ideas came together as the basis of Doyle & Doyle‘s latest Heirloom Collection, which is the store’s own line of jewelry created by Elizabeth Doyle, often with a theme or purpose.

The new collection features rings, earrings, and bracelets which explore the concept of being intertwined. Co-owner of Doyle & Doyle and designer of the collection, Elizabeth Doyle says, “I was thinking about the interconnectivity and interdependency we rely on to live fulfilled and productive lives. This can take the form of a couple whose paths become entwined as they build their lives together…I brought the entwined design into several engagement rings and bands. Always looking back to the rich history of symbolism in jewelry, I incorporated other powerful representations of love. Snakes to represent eternal love. The crescent moon to represent the honeymoon, the magical first bloom of love. Diamonds set in darkened silver to represent the twinkling of stars in the night sky.”

Not only are the new pieces vintage-inspired and completely beautiful, they are presented alongside some original antique pieces that also play upon the same concepts that were explored to create the new Heirloom Collection.  Some of the pieces include a Georgian ring with blue enamel and rose cut diamonds, a rare and incredible Victorian snake necklace set with emeralds and diamonds, and a crescent brooch of purple enamel, diamonds and pearls. The Heirloom Collection features lots of cool blues, which is one of my favorite colors in jewelry. Not only does it pair well with clothing but blue truly looks good on every skin tone. The dangle snake earrings are particularly my favorite; the diamonds and lapis mixed with the 18k yellow gold make for a great combination. 

Be sure to check out the full collection, including the antique items curated specifically for this unveiling!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Doyle & Doyle.


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