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Miley’s Sweet Sixteen: My Proposed Gift List

Sweet Sixteens only come, well, once in a lifetime–so you better make your wish list count!  Miley Cyrus’ sweet sixteen will soon be upon us (November 23), and the whole world will be watching.  Let’s hope she is more grateful than those bratty girls on MTv’s Sweet Sixteen tv show.  And it seems that may be so…

Miley’s birthday party will be held at DisneyLand, where she will have the whole place to herself and her birthday “guests.”  Anyone who purchases a $250 ticket will be an official partygoer.  So not only is she sharing her fun-filled day with complete strangers, but all of the proceeds will benefit a charity.  Seems like Miley has a good-heart and is not a greedy birthday girl. 


But, of course anyone who is anyone needs at least one present on his or her birthday.  So I’ve devised my own list of potential birthday presents.  Some sort of jewelry item has got to be on her wish list!  Maybe she will choose one of these great finds!  Enjoy!

This heart necklace is dainty and cute, while still having a “grown-up” side to it. The purple amethyst is encased in 14k gold filigree, with a magnificent detail on the back. Designed by Becky Kelso and priced at $763, I could see Miley rocking out with this on. www.ElizaPage.com

Miley is not one to obstain from the multiple bracelet trend. She’s been seen wearing plenty of bracelets–on both wrists! I think this vintage diamond bangle would really add some elegance and edge to what she normally wears. And besides, the older you get, the wiser you get–why not opt for diamonds and gold, while other teenie boppers are wearing plastic bangles? This one is $550 from Fay Cullen.

And lastly, Miley needs something extremely unique for any red carpet event. This ring will get heads turning! It is a purple sapphire (very rare) surrounded by champagne diamonds, set at an angle. Something so slight, like angles, will turn any ring into a piece of artwork. This unique ring is designed by Fatima Maria, and can be purchased for $2570 at Twist.

Well, there you have some great gift ideas for Miley’s sweet sixteen. Any of these are worthy and might very well be unwrapped come November 23.  Did you receive any memorable piece of jewelry for your sweet sixteen?