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Let’s Discuss Jewelry as Push Presents

Push Present


I’m not exactly sure when the term “push present” came to be but I do remember the first time I ever heard the concept. It was when I was working at a jewelry store and I was showing a sweet woman who was barely showing a gorgeous diamond Art Deco necklace. She said she had wished she wore that necklace on her wedding day, and I said something along the lines of, “well you can own it now and just wear it everyday, it doesn’t have to be just your wedding day.” When she paused for a moment, I could see her brain working in ways it hadn’t before — maybe because my way of thinking just didn’t seem sane to her? But she ended up bringing her husband in a few months later and buying the piece together, and told me it will be her “push present.” I honestly had no idea what she meant by that, so I did what I normally do whenever my Italian grandmother says something to me I don’t quite understand, I nodded and laughed. Afterward, I Googled the words push present and discovered it was a gift, often given by the father of the unborn child, which a woman received after delivering her baby. I thought for sure Hallmark created this term, as they did Valentine’s Day (right? or is this a conspiracy?). Whoever coined this genius idea, I loved it and was totally on board.

I never thought I would one day be in the market for a “push present” and as my due date looms closer each and every day, it is becoming such an emotional decision. For the first time I’m starting to think about the possibility of never buying myself anything ever again, as it seemed like my mom and dad always bought things for my sisters and I growing up, never themselves. My jeweler even told me, upon telling him that I was pregnant, that his biggest piece of advice was to go out and buy yourself something that you’ve always wanted your whole, entire life. He loves telling me stories about how expensive his three kids are. And while the reality of having children and affording them in this day and age is what most people will dilute your consciousness with, I’m trying to shift my attention to the sentimental parts and gratitude I feel toward this new bundle of joy. So for me, I will most definitely buy myself a push present (maybe my husband will pitch in toward it as well) and I want it to be something extremely thoughtful, legendary, once-in-a-lifetime…something I will pass down and treasure.

I wanted to get some other new mamas’ perspective on push presents and see if they received jewelry as a gift upon welcoming their little ones. Of course, I had to ask jewelry industry babes, so the answers might be a little bias but hey, we all love jewelry!


Leehe is owner and designer of Bleecker and Prince Jewelry — she just had a precious daughter named Max last August.

What is your take on a “push present”?

I have had the pleasure of making a few different push presents for clients — I mostly work directly with the new mom and we customize something to her liking! But it varies from client to client.  Here are some pieces I’ve made that were push presents:

• custom pinky ring with eternity pave setting on each end with her children’s birthstone and cutout of her boys names..

• redesign of Client’s old engagement ring is also common

• 3.00ct pear shaped diamond necklace, we added a hidden detail in setting representing all her 3 children and her & her husband

Did you receive a push present when you had your baby? If so, what was it?

Since my husband can’t get me any jewelry 😉 including my engagement ring, which he told me to make for myself… for my push present we upgraded my center diamond in my engagement ring!


Jen C. Williams is a jewelry industry maven and works for a high end jewelry PR firm in LA. She gave birth to her mini me Kira last year in February.

What is your take on a “push present”?

I think a push present is a thoughtful and kind gesture for one partner to present to the birthing partner to thank them for their hard work growing a human and then delivering that baby into the world. Labor & delivery is not called “fun & easy” for a reason – it’s physically and emotionally taxing and requires a woman to surrender her body in many ways. Every couple is different so the present can come in many forms like jewelry, a vacation, a luxurious robe, or even a photo book. Whatever the partner selects as the gift, it should be meaningful, personal and something the new mother will cherish.

Did you receive a push present when you had your baby? If so, what was it?

I did… but the gift was not a product. It was a beautiful card with a very sentimental handwritten note from my husband. He is usually a very direct, three-words-max type of guy in his text messages, emails, and cards… so it surprised me and meant a lot to receive a heartfelt note that expressed gratitude and love for both our new daughter and I. Meeting my daughter, Kira, on February 14, 2017 at 5:06pm was the most magical and special day of my life, but watching my daughter grow up and my husband become an amazing father has become a very close second in top life experiences. The real push present – a life to look forward to filled with joy, milestones, many challenges you’ll overcome, and a lot of laughs and snuggles.


Emilie is a jewelry designer (Emilie Shapiro Designs) and has written two books. She gave birth to an adorable son early last year and his name is Wes.

What is your take on a “push present”?

Pregnancy is no joke. I love the idea of a piece of jewelry representing the awesome experience of growing and nurturing a baby. It’s such an intimate and internal experience between mother and child. I often make “mother cluster” pieces as push presents which I love so much. Each one is completely unique and usually involves the birthstones if you, your spouse and child. I often add new stones for clients as their families grow!

Did you receive a push present when you had your baby? If so, what was it?

My husband, Ben gave me a much needed (and much deserved!) massage. It was a great gift and a much appreciated spa day for my first outing without our son, Wes. As a push present to myself, I made a mother cluster necklace with a family heirloom round brilliant diamond which was gifted to me by my mother, and a raw aquamarine representing my son. As our family grows I’d like to add more stones, and maybe a moonstone and peridot for my husband and I.


Elisa is the jewelry maker and designer behind Elisa Solomon Jewelry. She has a son named Asher who turned one last June and baby girl on the way!

What is your take on a “push present”?

I absolutely LOVE the concept of a push present.  It is a true honor to make these pieces for mamas to be.  Becoming a mother is one of the most magical, truly life changing moments in a woman’s life.  The task of creating a piece to encapsulate this precious life event means everything to me and I take the job very seriously!  Anticipating my own push presents (yes, plural 🙂 ) was an exciting aspect of pregnancy for me!  I couldn’t wait to wear my “badges of honor” once my baby boy arrived!

Did you receive a push present when you had your baby? If so, what was it?

My true “push present” was gifted to me by my husband.  It’s a platinum necklace with two pendants.  One says BEAR with his citrine birthstone and the other says ASHER with his alexandrite birthstone. The back of each pendant is set with my husband and my birthstones and engraved with our names and hearts.  I literally never take it off.  I felt so moved by my pregnancy that I also made myself a few push presents.  They were a platinum ASHER ring encrusted in white diamonds, a platinum MAMA band set with my peridot birthstone and his alexandrite birthstone, and platinum MAMA studs with his alexandrite birthstone.  I put them on while I was resting with him in the hospital and never take them off!


Dallas is a jewelry designer, gemologist and creator of Dallas Maynard Jewelry. She recently gave birth to the cutest little girl Juniper back in March.

What is your take on a “push present”?

I think push presents are great! It’s a chance to celebrate a pretty momentous time in a mother’s life…
My thought behind a push present is that if it’s jewelry it should be something sentimental, something that creates joy and embodies love when you wear it. I create all jewelry with the same notion, but push presents have a special place in my heart. Creating a push present before I became a mom still felt special but as a “new mom” – they feel a million times more epic, more emotional and more real/relatable.

Did you receive a push present when you had your baby? If so, what was it?

I didn’t receive a push present- mostly because I couldn’t decide what to make.
But I’ve created an all diamond Boob ring to celebrate my journey with Juniper. It will be something that I’ll pass down to her, maybe on her 35th birthday at 4:34am – to commemorate what was happening in my life at that very moment. ; )