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Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry: Gem Gossip Inside Look


My adventure in California was a whirlwind.  It culminated with me passing my 2-stone diamond grading test at GIA on Friday, followed by a road trip to San Francisco.  I knew I had to stop by Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry since I have been a fan even before I started Gem Gossip.  I anticipated lots of beautiful jewelry, however I did not realize how breath-taking each piece would be and truly how neatly everything is displayed.  


I met the wonderful and extremely knowledgeable owner Suzanne, and was entertained by good conversation, surrounded by jewels.  She was telling me about her experience at GIA when she was a gemology student and her adventures at a Columbian Emerald mine.  We shared our favorite antique time periods–hers being Art Nouveau and Victorian silver over gold pieces, and mine being Edwardian and Art Deco. Suzanne was excited about speaking at The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers conference in Warwick, Rhode Island this summer. The topic she will be speaking about?  Jewelry Search Investigators!  Demystifying the Dating of a Jewel.  Sounds so interesting, I am dying to go.


Suzanne has also been working on creating an “Antique Jewelry University” the first of its kind, launching in an online format.  This platform is designed to educate those interested in antique jewelry topics, where anyone who has web access can go to learn.   


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Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry

309 Sutter Street

San Francisco, CA 94108

(415) 982-2213