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Jewels at my Doorstep: Gabriel & Co. Jewelry

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Autumn is a fiery time of year–the leaves are changing colors, the weather somewhat calms down to a comfortable medium and for many, it is the start of a new school year.  I don’t know what it is about fall, but I often get a desire for a fresh start or find an opportunity to begin something new!  This could mean many different things, but for me I like to try new jewelry styles and play with fashion trends. I’m loving what Gabriel & Co. has been creating recently, using 14k gold and diamonds, they’ve released so many different styles that are really bold and playful. It was my pleasure to get a chance to pick my TOP FIVE favorites from their large range of products and shoot some photos.  Here is what I chose:

14k white gold diamond drop earrings — 1.03 ctw diamonds, style #EG12920W45JJ — Price: $2,285

Super edgy and sleek, these diamond drop earrings have two dimensions to them so the front and back combined give this pair of earrings some striking depth! I picked these because they are exactly what I mean when I say you can dress them up or down. A t-shirt and jeans could be taken to a whole new level with this pair of earrings, at the same time–you can also wear them with a dress or gown for a wedding or party. Such a cool style and a high impact!

14k yellow gold diamond wing ear climbers — 0.35 ctw diamonds, style #EG12937Y45JJ — Price: $935

I’m sure you’ve heard of ear climbers by now, but what you may not know is how to use them to your advantage.  By placing them in your second or third holes, you can position the earring upwards onto your ear and give the illusion of more piercings. I chose this pair to complement the dagger-like drops with these sharply pointed wings. The double row of diamonds is what makes this pair eye-catching. They are also extremely comfortable, just FYI.

14k white gold four-row diamond ring — 0.99 ctw diamonds, style #LR50926W45JJ — Price: $2,320

A head-turning design bringing together diamonds and linear angles, creating a stylish ring that can be worn two different ways: pointing up or down. It is bold enough to wear alone, yet cool enough to pair with other fun designs, like I’ve done here. As soon as I saw this design from Gabriel & Co. I knew it was a top pick!

14k white gold diamond X-ring with negative space — 0.33 ctw diamonds, style #LR50929W45JJ — Price: $935

I would have to say the diamond X rings are one of the top, most sought-after ring designs of the the year. But if you look closely, this design is unlike all the others–the X does not meet in the middle, and features another hot trend in jewelry design–negative space. It also makes the design flexible and very comfortable! This ring can easily become one that you never take off…

14k white gold diamond loop ring — 0.91 ctw diamonds, style #LR51002W45JJ — Price: $1,990

I picked this ring because I’ve never seen anything like it!  The loop design drapes down and around your knuckle.  It is very elongating and I’ve even tried out what it would feel like/look like wearing it upside down–so I’ve included one photo of what that looks like.  I’m all about breaking the rules, so wear things that are unconventional, even if it means wearing them differently! 

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Gabriel & Co.

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