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Jewels at my Doorstep: Craig Evan Small Antique Jewelry #LoveGold

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When antique jewels show up at your doorstep, there’s room for some celebration! But these aren’t just any jewels, these are straight from Los Angeles’ based Craig Evan Small, a leader in antique jewelry since 1989. A necklace fit for a goddess, a sleek blue enamel and diamond Victorian navette, geometric genius from David Webb, crisscrossed swans from Lalaounis, and the most exquisite Victorian Etruscan revival drop earrings, all arriving perfectly on time. However, photoshoot day couldn’t have fallen on a colder day in Nashville. Highs in the 20s, with a brisk, frigid wind that had me frozen like a statue draped in gold. Temperatures like this are unheard of this time of year in the South, but they set the stage for an epic photoshoot, red-nose and all!

Craig Evan Small, founder and owner of the rightfully named store, has been deeply rooted in jewelry and timepieces since he was a young boy. In 1938, his family’s business began in Chicago and then moved to Los Angeles where they established themselves as one of the best high-end jewelry suppliers to some of the local retail stores. Before Craig graduated high school, he was grading diamonds and immersed in all things jewelry. After working many facets of the business, in 1994 he decided to open up his own retail store and has been at it ever since. Craig’s expertise in vintage watches has led him to become the head watch appraiser on The Antiques Roadshow, traveling with the show as a watch expert for 8 seasons now. He is able to offer amazing, competitive prices to his clients and has an inventory of jewels that spans the ages that will blow you away.

Some exciting happenings going on at Craig Evan Small as well–first off, a Friends/Family Sale taking place in store on December 11th-13th. So you don’t want to miss that if you’re in the Los Angeles area. Also, a brand new website, fully redone and relaunching this week. Nothing better than new and improved, and although Craig Evan Small sells antiques, they are far from old school ways. With an ever-addicting Instagram and Facebook account, updated with luscious, vibrant photos of their new arrivals and current favorites.

Jewelry Details:

15k yellow gold collar circa 1881, with British hallmarks, 15 inches in length, Price: $5,000

Blue enamel and diamond navette piece circa 1860s set in silver and gold, fashioned on a modern 18k shank, Price: $6,500

18k yellow gold Victorian Etruscan revival drop earrings each set with an Old European cut diamond, Price: $6,000

18k yellow gold geometric David Webb ring, Price: $3,200

18k yellow gold double swan head ring by Lalaounis, Price: $1,000

All currently for sale, contact Craig Evan Small to purchase:

731 N. La Cienega Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90069


phone: 310.550.7895

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