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Jewelry Store: Quadrum Gallery in Boston, MA

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While I was covering the streets of London, Gem Gossip Correspondent Alexis Kletjian had the pleasure of visiting Quadrum Gallery on my behalf–a truly distinctive shop in Boston, Massachusetts with some of the prettiest jewelry! I will let her explain:

Quadrum Gallery, referring to the Latin noun meaning square, originally started as a gallery representing artists within the medium of canvas and paint.  After a few short years, gallery owner Cynthia Kagan fell in love with artisan jewelry and the exploration of unique expression through precious metals and colorful gemstones.  Today, Quadrum Gallery celebrates 35 years and is the oldest store to reside within the prestigious Mall at Chestnut Hill in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.  

Quadrum has set a high bar in terms of showcasing the very finest representation of artisan jewelry from all over the world. Within their museum-like setting of dramatically lit jewel-box display cases lies a carefully curated range of exclusive artists with exceptional skill and vision –  each piece is highly intricate and of an unparalleled beauty. Quadrum offers handmade jewelry within various price points that is covetable and refined, and their customer service is unparalleled.  You will be met with the ultimate satisfaction that comes with gifting a beautiful piece of jewelry.  

Sia Maravelias has been the director of Quadrum Gallery for the past 15 years, and she is devoted to supporting established designers such as Barbara Heinrich, (who has enjoyed a thirty year representation with Quadrum and was presenting a trunk show while I was there) as well as hand selecting talented and exciting emerging designers such as Todd Pownell.  

We had a great time mixing designers Anne Sportun and Polly Wales for a colorful collaboration. I learned that customers return to Quadrum often in search of Anne Sportin’s newest gemstone wrap bracelets to add to their collection.  Quadrum collectors who love color and and bold gems may choose from collections by Jaime Joseph, Lola Brooks, Joseph Murray and Maria Beaulieu to name a few.

In true Gem Gossip fashion, of course, I had to add an item to my personal wish list, which was the spiked cuff from designer Estyn Hulbert that I mixed with Gabriella Kiss, Pat Flynn, Reinstein and Ross, and Todd Reed.  It is this harmonious co-mingling of multiple aesthetics and unique vision that make up the core essence of what the Quadrum customer represents. 

I enjoyed my afternoon at Quadrum with Sia and her team, and feel blessed I was welcomed into their Gallery to collaborate with them for this feature.  It is clear to me that if a designer has been chosen for representation among the handpicked artists, not only has such a designer “arrived”, but she will enjoy the devoted team and elegant spirit that only QUADRUM can provide.

Visit and revel in the visual delights of Quadrum’s website, blog, and Instagram pages.  It is there you will learn about exciting trunk shows, upcoming events and the exquisite designers that make Quadrum the trusted curator of the rare and refined elegant woman.