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Jewelry Road Trip: When in New York City…


New York City has so much to offer, it is pretty sad that the last time I was in NYC I was in Middle School and went to watch my sister’s gymnastics meet.  I am well overdue for a trip and this summer may be the year to do it! After coming across Finn Jewelry, I feel that I have locked in on a definite jewelry showroom to visit. Designer Soraya Silchenstedt has created some designs that are too desirable to look at online only. I would love to get the chance to see them in person, especially these pieces:

sharktooth gatsby skullbracelets heartarrow

Each piece is handmade in New York City using the finest materials. 18k gold, diamonds, and specially selected rose cuts and colored stones make Finn highly desirable and collectible.

To make an appointment to visit their showroom, call 212.929.9556