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Jewelry Road Trip: The Antique Guild in Alexandria, VA

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We’ve got another exciting road trip destination, this time from Maura of shopFiligree who recently visited Alexandria, Virginia and came back with some great antique jewelry finds from The Antique Guild!  Take it away, Maura!

I just can’t say enough wonderful things about the crew at Old Town Alexandria’s (VA) Antique Guild.  Owner Mara (33+ years strong in the biz), and her associates Katie and Laryssa are themselves treasures amongst endless, irresistible and unique finds in Mara’s carefully curated and magically merchandised shop of antique jewelry and fine wares for self and home.  My first time entering the shop, I could tell Mara and I were kindred spirits…loads of gorgeous Victorian and Edwardian jewelry with tons of personality…great flora and fauna motifs, a perfect blend of quintessential period pieces mixed alongside some truly unusual designs from the turn-of-the-century that make you do a whirling double-take (and then ask “how much?!”) 

Asking for a few favorite and beloved styles in the shop, Mara showed me a fabulously detailed pair of 1930s gold and enamel, anatomically correct peacock earrings made in Spain that she acquired in Buenos Aires.  Another stunner, an 1850s British 15K yellow gold, turquoise and garnet-eyed serpent necklace truly takes my breath away, the condition and quality is fabulous…the design, way ahead of its years.   They are each at once humorous yet enviably indicative of a by-gone standard of craftsmanship that begs your attention and full inspection.

Not that it really need be said if you know me already, but a personal weakness includes researching rings, wearing rings, buying rings, and other assorted ring-related debauchery.  If you, yourself, are looking to stock up (and get stacked high), The Antique Guild’s certainly got your fix.  While I could have easily spent all day, the team was kind enough to steward me through a roughly 5-hour day of antique jewelry “dress-up” I could have only fantasized about previously in my most glittery of dreams.

While they also boast elegant and intricately patterned silverware with loads of local historical relevance, irresistible European porcelain and figurines (folks and pups alike), I can say in full confidence that Mara’s sweet spot is Victorian and turn-of-the century antique jewelry that truly speaks for itself (though I didn’t mind for a moment getting filled in on my favorite pieces’ varied resumes.)

If you’re ever in the area, do yourself a favor and pop by The Antique Guild to visit the charming Mara, Katie and Laryssa and their exceptional selection of one-of-a-kind antique and vintage wonders.