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Jewelry Road Trip: Map It Out!

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My latest project has required some craftiness and extra wall space, but I am very excited about it! Throughout my searches, emails from others, traveling and tips, I’ve realized that my brain can’t remember every recommendation that comes my way. My five years of writing Gem Gossip has honed in on certain aspects of the jewelry industry that I love most, and what I want to devote more time toward…and that aspect involves treasure hunting! A jewelry road trip, if you will.

I’ve compiled some supplies–like a cork board from Amazon, a map of the United States from eBay, red ball point pins from Joann Fabrics, paper, scissors and a fine tip ink pen. I got to work on mounting the map and hanging it just outside my office. I set markers with names of antique jewelry stores I’ve either visited or am wanting to visit. There are so many great antique jewelry stores across this country–most hidden gems that don’t have websites or much way of getting their name out. I rely on tips from readers and colleagues and some old school investigating! I’ve started by posting a few on my map, but have opted to try to do one each day, as it is very time consuming!

If you have any recommendations, comment below! And I will keep you updated!



It’s the thrill of the hunt–not knowing what you’ll find. These little rings and gems have me driving miles, flying across country…crazy thing is, I always long for more and plan for my next adventure.

–Gem Gossip