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Jewelry News: September 2009

Some of the best jewelry news on the web this month–three stories:

1. Over at Firstwater News, an interesting trend alert is being reported. The third C of diamond grading, the clarity–no longer crucial if the diamond is clouded up or resembles an ice cube. Those diamonds that were once “ugly ducklings” now have a second chance. And these rings are proof that poor clarity can look really cool. Check out Firstwater News for the full story.




2. An amateur treasure hunter finds over 1500 pieces of Anglo-Saxon gold stashed underground near Straffordshire, England. Items include many helmet crests composed of gold, enamel, garnets, and others. One piece features a puzzling emblem of five snakes. Another has this written in Latin, “Rise up, O Lord, and may thy enemies be dispersed and those who hate thee be driven from thy face.” All so interesting to have happen to a man who just loves his metal detector. This find, which dates back to around 675-725 AD, is being compared to the unveiling of King Tut’s tomb! Read more here and here.




3. An amazing Lucky Deal of the Day, coming from designer Bario-Neal. This cute little ring called the Knottedrush ring is 50% off! Just for today only–make sure to use code LUCKYDAILY3 at checkout in order to get a 10k yellow gold choice for $77 rather than regularly $154.

9-24-Bario-neal ring