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Jewelry Collection Stories: Lisa Shuler


Our Instagram community of antique jewelry loving people consists of such outstanding women and avid collectors, all of which have incredible jewelry collections. I love spotlighting particular people and getting a more in depth look, including both stories and photos. Our latest feature delves into the jewelry box of Lisa Shuler, a long-time collector and now seller with an online shop called A Pocket of Rocks, soon to be launching. She also mostly sells through her Instagram page where she has over 5,000 devoted fans, swooning at every photo she posts.  

Here are some special pieces from her personal collection. And here are her stories, in her own words, which go along with each photo:

“I think my love of jewelry began with two things. I grew up on a ranch and was always outside. One of my favorite things to do was to look for rocks. I would gather the interesting ones, take them back to the house, and look at them for hours. The different Quartz and agates fascinated me. The second influence was my aunt. She loved jewelry and had a lot of wonderful pieces. When we visited we would pour over each piece and she would tell me the stories behind them. This began my obsession. I got my first antique ring at the age of 14 and I have been on the hunt ever since.”

TOP PHOTO: selection of some of my mourning rings. IMy favorite in this group is the center with the two hearts. It was my birthday gift this year from my husband. Another favorite is the gold band with the black enamel. I love the beautiful simplicity of it.


My very favorite form of jewelry–earrings! These are a few of my favorite pair. The first pair are gold and black enamel Tiffany earrings. Next, Georgian poissarde topaz earrings, Georgian flat cut garnet earrings. Victorian tassel earrings, 18k snake hoops, steel cut earrings with stars, Georgian pink topaz foil backed earrings, Antique Indian earrings of 22 and 24k gold and last Victorian turquoise and black enamel earrings.


These are personal, sentimental pieces. The leather necklace has two beads made by Jeanine Payer. The beads were custom made with a poem that relates to my two children. The large silver pendant is also from Jeanine and is engraved with an Irish blessing. My son and daughter have the same piece. Next is an antique French coral skull. He is special to me because of his rarity and because of my love of Georgian jewelry, especially mourning pieces. In the ring box is my first antique ring. The bracelet on the box was left to me by my favorite aunt who I mentioned above. This was a piece her husband had made for her after a special trip. Last but not least in this photo are the pearls given to me by my mom, which she hand selected and had strung for me while traveling.


My snake rings! The one with the large diamond was my first and I have had him for about 20 years.

Untitled Untitled

LEFT: My Stuart crystals! I love mourning jewelry and these are just amazing. 

RIGHT: More mourning pieces. These are so special and I feel that we are the new caretakers of these amazing works of art. The first is a flat cut garnet piece with a scene of a lovely woman holding a bird. There are initials on the back. The third is a brooch and pendant combination. I love the blue enamel and the traditional image of the woman sitting at the urn. The next piece is the dearest to my heart and here I am showing the back of the pendant instead of the front. It is on a chain of French jet and rose gold. The piece marks a child’s passing at 4 years, 4 months, and 4 days. What drew me to the last pendant is the magnificent garnets that surround the piece. It is very large in size and is attached to my favorite French chain.

Untitled Untitled

LEFT: The ring epitomizes my love of everything Georgian. It is a huge foil backed citrine surrounded by natural pearls. The back is engraved with the person’s name. The strand of pearls in this photo are special for many reasons. They were an anniversary gift from my husband about 15 years ago. They are natural pearls from Tiffany and close with an amazing platinum and diamond clasp, stamped with the Tiffany mark.

RIGHT: This photo is of one of my very favorite things–pearls. There is a Victorian pearl and angel skin coral bangle, a pearl horseshoe that is a conversion from a brooch, several pearl rings and couple of pearl necklaces. My favorite is the pearl necklace with the locket. It has a baby’s teeth marks all over it. It’s previous owner must have had a baby that loved to use the locket as a teether. This is exactly the kind of thing that explains my love of antique jewelry.

Untitled Untitled

LEFT: more of my snake collection. The large snake bangle is 15k rose gold with pink sapphires. The Victorian gold and black enamel snake is a piece I picked up in Austin when I was there with my best friend for her 50th bday. I figured it would be rude of me to not buy a new piece when she was. The next piece is a bracelet with an ouroboros watch key. I will change out charms to go with it, but the snake always stays. Last is a necklace with a wonderful snake which holds a cross with table cut diamonds.

RIGHT: my lovers eye pendant. I love the uniqueness of this one and it incorporates pearls!


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