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Inside Look at Love, Adorned in NYC

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New York City has some amazing shops, hangouts and treasure troves.  It is such a shame that I’ve only visited back in the day, as in, when I was a child.  Luckily my friend Brooke got a chance to check out a favorite shop of mine on my behalf!  I have been dying to visit Love, Adorned since I knew of its existence.  Brooke not only captured some cool photos of the store, but also got to sit down with owner Lori Leven and ask her a few questions:

Lori describes Love, Adorned as her “dream” which started in 1996 as a tattoo shop and jewelry store. Since tattooing was illegal at that time in NYC, the jewelry store was in the front of the store, and the tattooing was in the back. During that time she had started a jewelry line and had a collection of high carat gold. As an avid shopper all over the world, Lori had never come across a curated lifestyle store and that’s where the two entities separated and Love, Adorned was born.  Her fantasy, her “dream” came to life, with price points ranging from 50 cents to 20,000 dollars, where anyone can walk away with a piece of this dream. The shop carries a wide range of young designers and craftsmen who have original ideas.

Lori’s favorite designers and pieces include Lou Zeldis, Manon, and Amy Glenn.  Each designer is special to her and she is passionate and excited about their designs.  She also loves when a designer doesn’t care what other people are doing and are true to their own aesthetic–that translates beautifully within their designs, and you can see it.  

Traveling is an important aspect to both Lori and the core of the shop.  She loves to explore and travel, especially places like India, Mexico and Japan.  India is incredibly interesting to her because of the art and primitive ways in which the people create things there.  There is a jewelry district, where people are in the streets, making fires in order to solder, with cans of propane–extremely primitive in terms of tools, yet very advanced in technique.  Mexico is also a favorite, especially their distinct filigree work.  Road tripping up the eastern seaboard is a favorite past time of hers, especially with her cute sidekick Byrd (her affenpinscher) or her other cute sidekick Leah of Reliquary, located in San Francisco.  

There are lots of favorite pieces of jewelry that Lori personally owns–several vintage pieces, a rose cut sapphire ring in 18k gold by Lola Brooks, and she also loves high carat gold.  Of all her tattoos, one that reads “Blessed” on the inside of her wrist is one of her favorites.  And that is truly how she feels–with such an amazing store, a platform to represent so many unique artists, and a future full of goals–she is truly blessed!  

>>Thanks Lori for taking the time and thanks Brooke on behalf of myself and Gem Gossip readers!! πŸ™‚