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Gold Rings: Sometimes Two is Better Than One! #LoveGold

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A lot of good things come in pairs.  I’ve adopted this notion when I buy, style and stack my gold rings.  Grouping two similar or exact pairs of gold rings makes for a bolder, bigger look.  Often times, people tend to gravitate toward a piece of jewelry that looks like something they already own.  And that’s when someone chimes in with, “Don’t buy that! You have one that looks JUST like that!”  Well, I think we should embrace doubles, and above are all the examples of doubles in my personal collection, because sometimes two is better than one!

Top to bottom:

Two antique signet rings in yellow gold, stacked together

Two dainty puffy heart rings stacked together in 18k yellow gold from Elisa Solomon 

Two ring ONEs stacked upside down in 14k yellow gold from Gem Gossip Jewelry

Double-up on bands–vintage diamond and emerald eternity bands

Two three-stone labradorite rings, one oval and one round, rose gold from Arik Kastan

Two antique carved coral cameos set in gold, worn side-by-side

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