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Inside a Man’s Jewelry Box #LoveGold

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What does every girl that loves jewelry need?  Well, that would be a man that loves jewelry too!  There are thousands, actually millions, of girls out there that love diamonds, gold, bracelets, necklaces, rings…but to find a man that loves those things too–well sadly that is rare. Men need to change. Men need to embrace jewelry and get over the negative connotations they seem to have.

Jewelry on men is a good thing; it is very fashion-forward.  Let’s celebrate those that wear it, and wear it well! 

I luckily found myself a man that loves jewelry just as much as me!  Above are the staples of my fiancé’s jewelry wardrobe:

  1. A hobby of his is learning about, collecting and shooting guns.  He wears an 18k two-tone gold bullet that I got him last year around his neck and sometimes wears this little revolver pistol that he picked up off of eBay. Both gold chains are styles that are suited for men and are longer in length.
  2. Vintage class rings are highly collectible and look great on men.  Just because it is not from your high school or the year you graduated doesn’t mean you can’t wear it! This particular one is from 1951 and features a gold coyote with his tongue sticking out.  The black onyx looks great against the yellow gold.
  3. A wedding band is usually the only piece of jewelry a man will wear in his lifetime.  My fiance did not want a plain gold band like any other man–he wanted lots of diamonds and a wide, white gold band.  He calls it his “bling ring” and I found it when I was at the Miami Antique Show.  It can’t compete with my engagement ring–his ring is in a league of its own!  
  4. Lastly, this antique signet ring he wears on his pinky is truly a unique signet ring!  This family heirloom is done in rose gold with green gold leaf detail. 

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