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Hot on our Radar: Sarah Davida Cuff Rings


If you’re like me, and have always felt that the top portion of your finger could use some accessorizing, then you need to buy a Sarah Davida Cuff Ring. These rings are unlike others since they are custom made to fit the upper portion (in between your top and middle knuckle) of your finger. I like the cuff-style as well, along with the large width–both features are perfect for this sort of ring.


Anyone wearing a Davida Cuff Ring is sure to get compliments and I’m sure many questions! What is fun about these rings is that you can get them stamped (both outside and inside) with any word, phrase, name, initials you want. I would choose roman numerals of a special date–maybe add a heart on the inside. The point is to make it fun and meaningful!


Sarah Davida’s jewelry line has just been released this summer and has already picked up much talk in the jewelry biz. Be sure to check out the website as more is being added to this growing business.

**Ordering information:**

Link to Sarah Davida website

Prices: $42-49 for sterling silver , $140-147 for 10k gold

Choose from 3 different widths: small, medium or large

Important contact info: customerservice@sarahdavida.com