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Hampton Estate Auction Fine Jewelry Sale, October 20th, 2014

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The Hampton Estate Auction house is gearing up for their next upcoming auction, set for October 20th, 2014.  A newcomer to the game, with their first official auction just last year, already quickly garnering flocks of bidders and jewelry enthusiasts’ attention; myself being one of them!  I scored a “Hope, Peace, Love” word ring in 18k yellow gold just as my love for 60/70s gold jewelry had blossomed.  From bidding, to auction completion, and everything in between, my experience with Hampton Estate Auction was flawless.  Which leads me to the perfect reason to bid again, in their upcoming October sale!  

Browsing through the lots, there are quite a few pieces that catch my attention.  The appraiser in me is also checking out the prices, and I must say, they are also amazing!  Spanning many different time periods, from Victorian pieces to jewelry only a few years old, the selection is unbeatable.  Whether you are on the hunt for your next piece for your collection or looking for that perfect wedding day jewelry look, they’ve got you covered!  I spotted so many gorgeous diamond pendants and earrings that would look gorgeous on a bride.  Lots of potential birthday gifts or anniversary gifts as well!

Below are details on my top 12 lots in the October 20th, Hampton Estate Auction:

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Lot 42: 14k yellow gold Old Mine cut diamond, three-stone Victorian ring.  Love the bypass setting on this ring (sort of reminds me of my engagement ring) and the daintiness of it.  Would make a great anniversary gift (past, present, future). Starting bid: $300

Lot 46: 14k gold Art Deco sapphire and diamond ring.  This beauty is grand enough to be worn by itself as a right-hand ring.  If your anniversary or birthday is in September, this would be an amazing piece to represent a special September date.  Wonder what it would look like stacked?!  Starting bid: $200

Lot 50: 14k yellow gold bangle bracelet with navy blue enameling and set with diamonds.  I am a sucker for enamel work, and the dark blue is a favorite hue, up against the richness of yellow gold.  The bracelet has a hinged clasp with a figure eight safety and would compliment any bracelet stack.  Starting bid: $1,000

Lot 61: 14k yellow gold opal and sapphire ring.  This stunning ring looks as though it is turn-of-the-century, although I would have to see it in person!  The filigree work, paired with the opal and sapphires are a winning combination!  So pretty.  Starting bid: $1,300

Lot 71: 14k yellow gold Victorian pearl bangle.  This slip-on bracelet has such a unique link design and I love the crowned heart motif.  Would look gorgeous mixed with a Victorian bracelet stack, perfect for an antique bracelet collector.  Starting bid: $350 

Lot 80: 14k yellow gold Victorian snake necklace set with Rhodolite garnets.  Here’s your chance at owning one of these sought-after Victorian serpent necklaces, only this time at a reasonable price!  Oh so coveted, these necklaces are collectors’ items.  Starting bid: $1,600

Lot 106: 14k yellow gold lapis doorknocker earrings circa 1960s.  These earrings are swoon-worthy!  Lapis is one of my favorite gemstones and I love when it is paired with yellow gold.  These would be incredibly statement-making, worn with a chic outfit.  Starting bid: $550

Lot 129: set of two 18k yellow gold rings both set with coral.  These two rings are a great starting collection for someone wanting to begin collecting antique jewelry or someone wanting to try online auction bidding for the first time.  You can’t go wrong!  I love the carvings on the one ring, and the other is such a cute stacking ring.  Starting bid: $10

Lot 191: 18k yellow gold geometric bracelet.  Talk about a statement piece!  I love the all-gold, bold look of this bracelet.  I can picture it worn on top of a sweater sleeve for fall or winter, paired with some gorgeous boots.  Starting bid: $500

Lot 239: 14k yellow gold, seed pearl and black faceted bead bracelet.  I’ve seen only one other almost identical bracelet in my lifetime, and I was kicking myself for not buying it!  I think this is the universe’s way of giving me a second chance?!  I will definitely be bidding! Starting bid: $200

Lot 369: 14k gold diamond and emerald necklace circa late 1800s. This exquisite Belle Époque necklace hangs gorgeously, with rose cut diamond dangles.  The emeralds give it just enough pop of color.  Definitely wedding-day worthy!  Starting bid: $1,600

Lot 405: 18k white gold diamond and sapphire Art Deco ring.  Bold and stunning–this ring is immaculately set with Old European cut diamonds and French cut sapphires.  A piece to be passed on within the family, to treasure forever.  Starting bid: $500

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