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Glimpse into the Past: Vintage Brooches


Brooches are the best piece of jewelry when it comes to versatility.  There are so many accessories they can be pinned to–scarves, bags, shirts, headbands, even shoes!  I love the above photo of Carole Landis, a 1940s actress whom was known for her trademark gold cross she wore around her neck, which was said to be a gift from her friend Diana Lewis.  Jewelry can be your trademark too.  Check out some of my favorite picks for vintage brooches–these can be pinned anywhere, or simply on a sweater like the above inspiration photo.


pin3 This pin features the intriguing gemstone, blue zircon.  From the Retro Period, the flowers and combination of rose and yellow gold give its time period away.  These aren’t just small stones–the zircons are big and sparkling–5.4 carats!  From Beladora and priced at $1250   


White gold and amethyst is a combination not seen very much.  It gives this brooch a coolness to it, and I love the design style of it looking somewhat like a buckle.  Diamond weight: 0.45, with two large amethysts weighing 4.65 carats total, the price is $995.  This one’s from Beladora2.


Love the circular brooches, especially this one since the 18k yellow gold is textured, almost resembling vines.  Total diamond weight is five carats!  The marquise cut is perfect done here, seeming to be a cascading diamond waterfall.  The diamonds are set in platinum, and this brooch is circa 1965, price: $4950 from Beladora