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Glimpse into the Past: Festoon Necklaces


Festoon necklaces have been one of those styles that have continually come back, with almost every jewelry period having its own festooned look. Having struggled to formally put together a clear definition, I think pictures this time are much better than words. Take a look at this vintage ad from Sears–it states that if you “wish to be up to the minute with the latest Parisienne effects and style” you need a Festoon necklace to complete your look.  Above, Barbara Hutton is seen wearing a rather opulent Festoon.  Here are some beautiful Festoon necklaces from select antique jewelry sellers. 



Can you guess which obvious jewelry period this necklace is from? Yes, Art Nouveau! The distinguishing flowing floral motifs, garland scrollwork and delicate 18k yellow gold make it certain. The only gems used in this piece are tiny seed pearls. From Lang Antiques and priced at $2750. primaveragallery This Festoon necklace is an example of how the style has come back during different moments in time, with subtle changes to accommodate the time period. From the 1950s, done in 18k yellow gold and of French origin. The necklace combines two types of chains–the rope chain and fox-tail chain–can you see them? Seven jewels drips from the necklace, citrine, green tourmaline, pink tourmaline, Madeira citrine, amethyst, aquamarine and citrine. From Primavera Gallery.


This necklace looks like one from the vintage ad. It is all amethysts (250 carats!) and incredibly beautiful. Circa 1845, done in 15k yellow gold from Beladora. Each amethyst is set in a 13-prong basket, all oval cuts, followed by round and pear cut dangling from the main necklace. The price is $5250.