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Glimpse Into the Past: Art Deco Necklaces

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Art Deco drop necklaces are high on my list of incredibly desirable items–especially the ones above, all from The Three Graces. The two which feature incredible opals are so unique, I can only imagine who wore them during the 1920s. The opals could have very well been mined out of the newly discovered Australian mines. Back in 1902, the very famous Lightning Ridge mines first uncovered a new kind of opal–black opals. Ever since, Australia has been a major source for opals. Here is more information on the above necklaces:


  • carved opal and diamond necklace circa 1920
  • Citrine diamond and emerald necklace in platinum topped gold, Price: $5750
  • platinum baroque pearl with sapphires and diamonds circa 1910, Price: $7650
  • 14k white gold and platinum opal drop necklace, modern, Price: $7500