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Glimpse into the Past: Antique Wrist Watches

DSCF1848 Photo 497

Antique wristwatches caught on strong during the 1920s.  They often were done in white gold or platinum, and fraught with diamonds.  Embellishments like calibre cut onyx, sapphires, emeralds or other colored stones added to some of the more unique ones.  The faces were shapes of rectangles, circles or octagons, with tiny hands and numerals.  The straps were usually black cords, gray cords, seed pearls or diamond links. These antique watches remained popular into the 1930s and are highly collectible today.  Popular brands include: Hamilton, Ebel, Cartier, Elgin, Bulova…mine is an Evkob.

Pictured above is my antique watch, is has a rectangular face, is white gold and set with diamonds and emeralds. On the back, it is engraved “Esther Xmas 1936” Below are some great examples of Art Deco wrist watches, all from Israel Rose.


watch4 watch2 watch watch3