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Gem Gossip Visits with Sylvie Collection + Interview

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While out in Los Angeles on my Jewelry Road Trip, I got to see a large portion of Sylvie Collection at Luxury Brand Group‘s showroom. Although based in Texas, this jewelry line fits right in with the Hollywood glamour of LA, that’s for sure! Everything from Sylvie’s statement-making rings, to red carpet ready bracelets and earrings, mixed in with everyday wearables like stacking rings, pretty engagement ring styles and much more! I had the best time playing around with Sylvie’s designs and I wanted to learn more, so I sat down and got the inside scoop on what she does, how she came to be a designer, and what’s next for her future! Enjoy!


I was born into a diamond family in Antwerp, Belgium, the center of the world’s diamond trade. In 1994, I began working in the fine jewelry and diamond industry alongside my husband who owned a diamond and jewelry wholesale company, Spectrum Diamonds. In 2007, after over 12 consecutive years of hard work, dedication and company growth, my husband and I decided to venture out and launch Sylvie Collection – my own branded collection of bridal engagement rings, bands and fashion jewelry. We now own and run both Spectrum Diamonds and Sylvie Collection.

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Being born and raised in the diamond industry, I joined the diamond business at an early age. When I started in the business I was mostly focused on the diamond side of the business, but the design aspect became a natural extension of my journey in the industry.

I am not a formally trained jewelry designer, as I have never attended design school. However, for many years I continuously worked in various departments of the diamond business. I’ve always been creative, as well as an avid lover of art and style; therefore, designing came naturally especially, with a keen understanding of the technical aspects of creating a piece of jewelry. Designing, manufacturing and running a jewelry business is a culmination of my many years working the fine jewelry and diamond industry.

After over a decade of working along side my husband and selling very simple, basic bridal jewelry, I started receiving requests for more custom and unique designs. As that side of our business grew, I wanted to come up with a beautiful and complete collection that was personal to my own style and personality. As engagement rings are truly personal and special to each couple, I wanted to add my personal touch to each design I created, knowing how much joy it would bring to a couple one day. I’m a very open and friendly person, so having the opportunity to create something personal for someone else is the part of my job that inspires me every single day.

The name of my company is named after me and it’s because each piece is personal to me. I want to be part of the excitement and joy of an engagement, wedding or special occasion.

Thus far, I have designed over 1,400 engagement ring styles and countless fashion jewelry pieces. My designs are currently in over 200 stores across North America, and it’s an honor and pleasure to be worn by women across the globe.

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I design bridal rings because it is such a sentimental product, signifying a unique and monumental event in one’s life. Knowing that I have made a difference in a beloved couple’s life is the primary reason behind my passion for designing. The majority of my orders are customized, allowing a bride-to-be the opportunity to personalize her ring exactly the way she wants it. It touches my heart so deeply when my customers tag “Sylvie Collection” on their social media platforms, as it allows me to openly see the impact and joy my clients are experiencing because of my designs.

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I am currently working on the final touches of my 2016 collection, which will be unveiled at the Centurion Show in late January. I am also working on expanding the fashion jewelry side of the Sylvie Collection, focusing on staying true to our brand while being aware of trends and price points as well as feedback from my retailer partners.

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When it comes to bridal and engagement rings: solitaire styles followed by halo styles remain at top, and it’s been that way for many years. Next would be vintage-inspired designs and then two-tone metal designs of white gold and rose gold or white gold and yellow gold.

One category that is greatly increasing is unique, mix and match stackable bands. Brides seem to be more open to different bands that don’t perfectly match their engagement setting. This is a great way for brides to add individuality to their engagement ring finger.

In the fashion jewelry category, asymmetrical earrings and pendants tend to be the top sellers.

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A few notable career highlights include my nomination and wins for Platinum Guild International’s Annual Design Awards, as well as my recent nomination by Women’s Jewelry Association for the Award for Excellence in design and manufacturing. It is a major honor to be nominated and recognized by such prestigious organizations, as well as my industry peers.

Our company mission is to serve our clients with excellent customer service and offer the best quality product in our market. It makes me beyond proud to hear feedback from our retail partners that we continue to exceed their expectations. My proudest moments are when my retail customers personally tell me that they love the collection and so do their customers. When my retail partners tell me stories of how much their clients love their Sylvie Collection rings, it reminds me of why I do what I do. In addition, I’m very proud when my retailers tell me that the craftsmanship on my product is outstanding.

I’m always proud of the entire Sylvie Collection team, and all the time and detail we invest into each piece we create.

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My number one goal for 2016 is to continue opening more Sylvie Collection retail partners throughout North America, and still service our clients stellar customer service and product quality.

I am involved in many aspects of the business other than just designing and creating, and I hope as I grow the business to surround myself with passionate people that will help in that development. My hope is to remain very hands-on and involved within every (facet) of the business, yet still find a balance to spend time with my family – my husband (outside of work) and our two sons. One is away at college and the other will be heading to college next year! I want to spend all the time I can with my boys!

My dream is to design more “dream rings” and to have my designs on the fingers of more and more women!

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