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Gem Gossip Visits Thalia Jewelry in San Francisco, CA

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In the world of Instagram, I’ve been following Thalia Jewelry since the beginning!  Don’t ask me how I found her or who found who, but as they say, the rest is history! The designer behind the brand is Rachel Clinnick, and just as beautiful as the jewelry she creates, she shines just as bright as her jewels. Her story is really interesting, especially when it starts out with a young, bright-eyed girl who collected vintage and estate jewelry! Most girls her age were playing with Barbie dolls and taking piano lessons–Rachel was going to estate sales and auctions. Both Rachel and I instantly connected over our love for antiques, both jewelry and decor. We met at her San Francisco-based office, where she had pieces pulled from stores she is featured in, as well as some new pieces just completed. 

Her jewelry is sold in several stores around the US–word of mouth, referrals and the internet have all been powerful tools for Thalia Jewelry. Many of them local in San Francisco, like Gallery of Jewels, Lirielle, and Blanc Boutique slightly north up in San Anselmo, with some others in Colorado (The Golden Bear) and NYC. Private appointments and commissions are a good portion of the business, where she conducts meetings with clients in Santa Barbara, Dallas and Manhattan. Her designs exhibit Byzantine and Etruscan influences, as you can see from the photos I took modeling her jewelry. Heavy, 22k yellow gold embody most of her designs, with a few in platinum. Snakes, shipwreck and ancient coins, bold gemstones, handweaved chains, and talismans are Rachel’s obsessions and a good portion of what her designs consist of.  The weight and feel of her jewelry is what gets me–I love the look of heavy, buttery yellow gold. Her jewelry will make you want to throw out all your dainty things in exchange for one big, chunky chain.  I love it!  I’ve never been more over dainty jewelry than I am now, and I’m so glad I got to experience Thalia Jewelry at this point in my style evolution. Perfect timing.

Amongst the Thalia Jewelry line, the collections include: Serpents & Shipwrecks, Celestial Collection, Gatsby Collection, Mint Collection, Treasures Collection…and a wedding/bridal collection. Rachel is currently working on a collection called Roman Holiday and it continues the Old World influences. Think Ancient Rome mixed with English Royalty. Can’t wait to see more!

Another part of Thalia Jewelry is her estate and antique jewelry she collects and sells often. I got to see a few pieces she has, including that antique openwork pendant with seed pearls, which is currently for sale. Such an enchanting piece! And since Rachel has been treasure hunting since she was a little girl, she is pretty darn good at it. She has also developed some great relationships with dealers who know what she likes and scout things out for her.

I had so much fun getting to know Rachel and connecting with her and her designs. Our San Francisco trip was one of the best so far on my #JewelryRoadTrip and the weather could not have been better all week for us.  Although visiting Thalia Jewelry was our last stop and if you couldn’t tell, in the photos I was actually battling some gusty winds and light rain sprinkles! I took it like a champ!

Thalia Jewelry

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