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Gem Gossip Visits Stephen Webster in London! #LoveGold

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Are Americans just as obsessed with Stephen Webster as his fellow Brits?! YES.  We can’t get enough of Stephen Webster and his rainbow-gothic designs, which easily entertain our Mario Kart fantasies of streets made of rainbows and clouds.  We are used to seeing his playful designs on celebrities and artists on red carpets, but lovers of his jewelry are taking his designs into their own jewelry boxes and wearing them as essential staples in their everyday looks. With so many new designs and a huge following, Stephen has taken his brand to new heights after 25 years and becoming a trailblazer in many categories. I was excited to visit his headquarters in London, but it was even more of a treat when I realized I would actually get to meet Stephen himself!

As most know, Stephen Webster is the coolest of cool.  His office is one giant inspiration board, bursting with ideas and moods.  I tried capturing this in the photos I took, hoping readers and fans could see the quirky mixed with genius that he is.  I got a peek at some new designs, where the vibrancy of colors seemed to stand out most to me.  Radiant orange mixed with electric red, for a strong and graphic effect. Various warm hues provided by different saturations of gemstones added to the fiery mix.  Not only are these warm colors pretty to look at, but they make you “feel” the passion behind them.  The orange of Fire Opal became my new favorite color.

Throughout his collections, Stephen Webster uses gold.  Whether it is yellow gold paired with warm colored gemstones or white gold paired with cooler hues, gold is used strategically.  The gold allows for his work to be carried out in a glamorous way, with hints of all the inspirations–from music, to fashion and to contemporary art. His newer collection takes on a bit more edge, along with the color, but is still completely wearable everyday by any confident woman. 

I had an amazing, unforgettable experience meeting Stephen and getting to see where and how he works. LoveGold has created a London Shopping Guide, full of incredible stores, including some of London’s best designers, which needs to be checked out!  I got to visit many on the list, and if you are traveling to London, make sure to take along this list and start your own jewelry adventure!  

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