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Gem Gossip Visits Mary Ray Jewelry in Austin, TX

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If you were given a few trays of a jewelry designer’s work to “play” with and photograph, would you feel like you know the designer even if you never met him or her by the end of the day?  My answer is yes, if that designer is good, and if his or her aesthetic was a reflection of themselves.  While spending some quality time with Mary Ray’s jewelry which she has been designing since 2009, I left feeling like I had also spent a day with her!  Although I didn’t get a chance to meet her in person, her designs kept me entertained and fully happy!

Graceful, simplistic, versatile and contemporary all are perfect descriptions for Mary Ray’s designs.  She mentions, “If it is something I just want to wear, I’ll make it myself!” This is the kind of thinking that I like! It is also the foundation of what creates a very fashion-forward and wearable jewelry line–pieces you would wear everyday, which become a part of your life and your style.  What started with a circular motif eventually formed the basis of her jewelry line. Her versatile and modern pieces all flow very well together, something she strives to do when designing.  She says, “I want it all to look like it belongs together.”  Lately she has become obsessed with pops of color.  Gemstones like malachite and turquoise are her latest muses, which she has set into a few ring creations so far.  I luckily got a chance to see those as well!  The opaque colors of the gems mixed with yellow gold remind her of the 1960s/70s, a time period that is a design inspiration for her.

Mary Ray Jewelry is currently sold at By George, Austin’s favorite high fashion store, and Manika Jewelry in San Francisco, a highly-curated store that truly caters to both designers and customers.  She studied at the highly-acclaimed Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco and has been growing both personally and professionally ever since. Her favorite highlight so far in her career was having the opportunity to design eight very custom and special pairs of earrings for Sandra Bullock and her friends and family! Ms. Bullock became a fan of Mary’s after purchasing a ring of hers at By George. With hopes of many more moments like that, Mary Ray is excited to launch her e-commerce site very soon, where purchasing her designs can be easy and done from anywhere!  Can’t wait to see more from her!

>>  If any of the pieces seen here catch your attention, feel free to email info@maryrayjewelry.com for further details.


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