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Gem Gossip Visits Joden Jewelry in Grove City, PA

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Joden Jewelry | Gem Gossip Joe & Jay Photo

I can’t wait to tell everyone about the most jewel-packed store this side of the Mississippi! This real-life treasure chest is located in Grove City, Pennsylvania and is called Joden Jewelry.  An antique jewelry store, repair shop, store of curiosities, a jewelry museum, heaven…all which can be used to describe Joden.  A motto quite fitting for the store, which one may not necessarily grasp until they actually walk through the doors–“You can go to a museum and look…or you can come to us and touch!” And by touch, they mean try-on, play, stare, fall-in-love and even BUY.  Yes, that’s the best part, you can buy these items!  Museum-worthy pieces of antique jewelry from all different time periods and all different price points are featured at Joden and ready for purchase. An inventory so amazing, one must see to believe!  Anything from diamond engagement rings–both modern and antique, even custom made right in store, diamond stud earrings, antique jewelry, estate jewelry, wedding bands, modern pieces, loose diamonds and gems, rare French and English antique jewelry, and much, much more!

I was in for a real treat the moment I stepped into the store–I urge any antique jewelry collector to make a trip out to visit Joden. The summer or fall is a really pretty time of the year in western Pennsylvania–flying into Pittsburgh and making the hour and 15 minute drive will be picturesque, with the hills and mountains of the Appalachians.  The town of Grove City is such a cute area–the historical downtown is quaint, with lots of restaurants, shops and businesses.  This is where Joden is located! A ten minute drive toward the main highway will lead you to a couple hotels (I stayed at the Hampton Inn, which was great) and the Grove City Prime Outlets which is an outlet shopper’s Mecca!  There–I have planned out a whole weekend for you! Now book your stay! 😉

But what makes Joden Jewelry so special? What sets it apart from other antique jewelry stores?!

For one, I would say their extensive collection of rare pieces by Carlo Giuliano puts Joden Jewelry on the map! Carlo Giuliano was an Italian Jeweler best known for his intricate enamel work during the 1800s. He was the “favored” jeweler to Queen Victoria and has an incredible legacy–some even say he was the best jeweler to have ever lived. The rarity and uniqueness of Giuliano’s work lives on display at Joden, where they own one of the largest collections of his work in the United States. 

The store has been owner Joe Murawski’s life and happiness since 1970 when he first began, and as he tells me, is excited to come to work each day–this is his passion! His love for antique jewelry and storytelling is quite evident after spending a morning with him–each piece he talks about brings a smile to his face, along with a beaming glow. Whether he is talking about his latest find, how he acquired a mysterious Giuliano cross that was locked inside a small safe, or the entire estate of jewelry he purchased from Hollywood actress and ballerina Tamara Toumanova. Each story even more interesting than the last. Joe’s extensive wealth of knowledge about antique jewelry, the jewelry industry, bench work and designing, and business practices defines his character.  His son Jay works alongside Joe, where he says he can’t be more proud of his son who has taken over the buying aspect of Joden.  Anywhere from Los Angeles to England, Jay is there and handles that vital part of the business. A strong, family-run jewelry store with a great legacy and much more in store for the future!  

Joden is always on the quest for the best!  By this I mean they are always buying–whether it is one item or an entire estate, diamonds, gemstones, antique pieces, high quality watches, or jewelry collections, any and all sizes.  Joden purchase from estates, trust departments, attorneys, and private individuals. If you have something to sell, please contact Joden for an appointment. Aren’t able to visit their store in Grove City? They have agents in several major U.S. cities who are able to review estate lots in person.  Items may also be shipped to them or arrangements can be made to have items picked up. Talk about turnaround time–within one day of receipt of the package, Joden will make a cash offer or ship the items back, fully insured. Payment is always immediate and confidential.  For other information give them a call at 1-800-747-7552

I had such a fun time visiting Joden in Grove City, Pennsylvania on my Jewelry Road Trip!  A few hours in the store didn’t touch upon the entire inventory as a whole–I am already planning another trip soon!  Can’t wait to show everyone what I brought home with me for my personal collection; stay tuned.


10914719_926175334070052_7472495249124214406_o Joden Jewelry
144 South Broad Street
Grove City, PA 16127
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