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Gem Gossip Visits Isadora’s Antique Jewelry in Seattle, WA

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These summer days in Nashville were getting too hot and steamy, so another #JewelryRoadTrip was planned and no, I did not throw a dart at a map–it was a no-brainer when I realized how many of my favorite stores I love following on social media actually had one thing in common–they are all located in Seattle, Washington! A trip to the Pacific Northwest was destined to be in my future, I just didn’t realize how much of a “near-future” it was going to be! And hey, Southwest just added Seattle to their growing list of nonstop flight destinations from Nashville. As if that didn’t steer me in the Seattle direction enough, I found out my favorite hotel chain, Kimpton Hotels, has several great choices with ideal locations in the downtown area, and Hotel Vintage seemed perfectly suited for me!

Our first stop in Seattle was an antique jewelry store I have been acquainted with for a long time, Isadora’s Antique Jewelry. Constantly browsing their jewelry selection online from a couple thousand miles away never stopped my jewelry dreams from being crushed as thinking they were “too far away.” The mother-daughter team and crew of sales associates does an incredible job of keeping everyone near and far informed on their latest finds, new must-haves and amazing acquisitions. They have a devoted group of clientele who love antique jewelry just as much as owners Laura and Elizabeth, which is by far the duo’s favorite part of their business. They say, “Seeing such enthusiasm when someone walks in and buys a piece from us is indescribable! We love our customers and love seeing them wearing our jewels. We don’t regret selling so many once-in-a-lifetime pieces because we know we get so much joy seeing our customers happy and oftentimes get to see the pieces regularly as our customers are lifelong clients!” 

There have been so many pieces I’ve fallen in love with over the years from their store, it was such a delight to walk through their doors and have their virtual world become a reality. First off, their shop’s location is undoubtedly the best in all of Seattle. They have a corner storefront located just above Pike Place Market, where the infamous red neon sign lights up just a few steps from their front door. This tourist attraction sees millions of people a year. The history of the market melds perfectly with the antique jewelry which they sell–did you know the market first began in 1907? There are lots of pieces from the early 1900s inside the shop! Isadora’s first opened its doors over 40 years ago, with several locations in between, its current and most recent is ideally situated for a day spent checking out Seattle.  There’s just something slightly romantic about this area (minus the fish smell that fills the air from fish vendors hurling large fish through the air)! No wonder antique jewelry has been doing well selling in this area for years!

An important aspect of Isadora’s Antique Jewelry is how strict and curated their inventory is–every piece is hand-picked by Laura and Elizabeth. They both chuckle, as they realize how similar their tastes have become over the years. And did you know that Isadora’s does not sell any new pieces–not even antique reproductions! Everything is either vintage or antique, all-original in design and make. They have a firm commitment to preserving the future and the past, with buying antiques as their main way of building upon this commitment! I love how Laura has passed down the love and appreciation for all things antique to her daughter Elizabeth. 

I had such a fun time experiencing Isadora’s, trying on rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets from all different eras.  See something I’m wearing that you can’t find online? No worries, just drop the team an email at info@isadoras.com

Below you’ll find some of my favorite items from my visit, just click on the items to shop!

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1601 1st Ave.

Seattle, WA 98101

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