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From Rough to Facet: Gems of 1stdibs

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Whether you’ve seen gemstone specimens in real life, in museums, or only in pictures, there’s no doubt that the idea of these things being created by Mother Nature deep inside the Earth has left your mind blown. No matter how many I have seen, it still boggles my mind.  It takes so many talents, on many different levels and wavelengths to take that “rock” and turn it into something beautiful we call a gemstone, and then set it into a jewelry design, with it all ending wonderfully with it going home with you into your jewelry box.  The steps along the way are all so very important, but have you ever stopped and looked down at a piece of jewelry you’re wearing and try to think where that stone first began on its journey to you?!  

These pieces of fine jewelry, pictured alongside their rough counterpart, help juxtapose the incredible phenomena each piece experiences within their journey.  All are found on 1stdibs:


18k yellow gold Fantasy cut amethyst dangle earrings by Peter Suchy from Peter Suchy Jewelers via 1stdibs

Lover’s eye brooch surrounded by amethyst with hair compartment from Fourtane via 1stdibs

18k yellow gold big amethyst rings circa 1880s from Kentshire Galleries via 1stdibs


Edwardian aquamarine and diamond bow pendant from Lang Antiques via 1stdibs

Art Deco aquamarine and diamond brooch from Nally via 1stdibs

Art Deco aquamarine and diamond white gold ring from Peter Suchy Jewelers via 1stdibs


Victorian malachite and gold urn necklace done in 15k gold from A.Brandt & Son via 1stdibs

18k yellow gold malachite and diamond ring circa 1970s from OakGem via 1stdibs 

Victorian malachite drop earrings set in gold from Fourtane via 1stdibs