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Five Gold Favorites from London, England #LoveGold

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Looking back on my trip to London, England, I am in disbelief that it was five months ago! The whole trip seems like a magical dream and I am hoping to get a chance to go back someday. There are a few pieces of gold jewelry that I haven’t shared yet from my trip that I still keep thinking about. They are beautiful in many ways, and continue to remind me of the journey and the stores I got to visit.

1. This 19th century Lapis and gold necklace I tried on from S J Phillips is stunning and so unique! The handmade chain measures 14 inches in length, although very short in terms of necklace length standards, it can be doubled-up to form a bracelet. I’ve never before tried something on that made me feel both transported back in time, as well as ultra-chic and modern! A true oxymoron that still beckons to be remembered, circa 1870.

2. A visit to Louisa Guinness Gallery revealed so many pieces I had never seen before, and so many designers to be discovered.  I was in awe of many pieces designed by Anish Kapoor, seen here on the marble table and on my finger.  He is the brains behind Chicago’s Cloud Gate aka The Bean and you can see his similarities between his jewelry and sculptures.  The Atlas ring that I’m wearing is one I keep thinking about–done in 18k yellow gold, the design reminds me of the concept of infinity and space, with the circular shape being duplicated in that manner.

3. A quick trip to Solange Azagury-Partridge had me feeling love at first sight.  It was so quick, in fact, that I was basically faced with a kind of, “if your house was burning down, what’s one thing you would save,” situation. Only, it involved being able to try on one piece out of her entire amazing collections.  I chose right because I still keep thinking about the incredible fringe ring, done in 18k yellow gold.  This flat topped woven ring with chain fringe sprinkled with diamonds was all that I had imagined–fun, flirty, and luscious.  

4. A plethora of fede gimmel rings were showcased at S J Phillips and I couldn’t get over how many amazing ones they had for sale.  In the United States these are very rare, and the selection across the pond was bountiful, however each came with a price!  I loved trying them all on and opening up the clasped hands to reveal a heart. Some even opened to reveal double hearts!  Lots of different styles and sizes, with these kinds of rings, sizing is an issue, so it must fit!  Only two fit me well, but I didn’t like the styles enough to buy.

5. Although mostly known for their men’s jewelry, Tateossian had a selection of women’s jewelry that was small, yet each piece was covetable.  Two rings from their black diamonds collection had me hooked–the snake is done in 18k yellow gold with black diamonds, and the other ring is so cool, it is 18k yellow gold with faceted black diamond beads.  I’m glad the “King of Cufflinks” has ventured into broadening their women’s line because everything is gorgeous.  Loved visiting Tateossian off of Bond Street!

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