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Fine Gold Jewelry Looks for Everyday #LoveGold

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When you work at a fine jewelry store, you begin to learn what sells, what consumers are looking for, and what real people are wearing on a daily basis. Sometimes I get disappointed by the “safe” choices people make when buying fine gold jewelry. Often shoppers are searching for a piece they can wear 24/7. By now, as a reader of Gem Gossip, you probably know that I think differently than a novice jewelry buyer, and I am hoping my blog will help people take more risks when buying fine gold jewelry.

When I shop for gold jewelry, I try to look for things that are very unique–something I have never seen before. Bold, statement making pieces are definitely items you will want to have in your collection. Tinier, smaller pieces that you can wear together or stacked which can be collected over time are also necessary for your jewelry wardrobe.

I’ve highlighted several jewelry looks I’ve sported over the past couple of months. I never wear the same jewelry every single day–to me, that would be like someone wearing the same outfit everyday. Just doesn’t make sense! It is so much fun to mix and match every morning and create different, unexpected combinations.

Above looks: (left to right)

14k white gold diamond X earrings I designed using parts of a necklace

My ring choices span decades– like gold Victorian baby rings, my Victorian engagement ring, a contemporary gold ring design by Arosha Taglia, Victorian onyx flower and Art Deco filigree ring with an updated diamond

Here I layered different lengths of gold necklaces, with the mid-length dangling rings from, and a gold Victorian monogram choker

My earrings are all 14k gold with a theme in common: dangles & crosses

I collect gold Victorian bangles and sometimes stacking my entire collection works better than being choosey

An incredibly thick, twisted rope chain in 18k yellow gold would typically scream “Mr. T” but if you wrap it around your neck and wear the right outfit, it becomes a cool statement piece!


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