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Fellows Auction: Antique & Modern Jewellery, December 5, 2013

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December’s Antique & Modern Jewellery Auction from Fellows is jam-packed with the most amazing array of jewelry I’ve ever seen!  With such variety, I’ve dubbed this month’s auction the “Auction for Every Kind of Jewelry Collector.” There truly is something for everyone!  Above are my top picks, neatly organized in categories for different types of collectors, each in order from which they appear on the auction block! 

the Sapphire accent-obsessed: this Art Deco lovely is the perfect addition to a collector of rings with sapphire accents!  I have a few in my personal collection and I never get tired of the diamond-sapphire combination, especially when it is done in the 1920s style! This is lot 9.

the Turquoise lover: this year, turquoise has changed the game!  Everyone is searching for Victorian jewelry which features this December birthstone and the bright blue color is also influencing wardrobes everywhere. When mixed with diamonds and yellow gold, the look can’t be beat! This is lot 28.

the mysterious Opal fanatic: the October birthstone that had once fallen to a horrible tall-tale of being bad luck if worn by non-October babies, has easily been squashed by the allure of opal’s beauty!  Now, no one believes in that nonsense, and everyone wants an opal.  This ring has a gorgeous one, and it being a solitaire, it really is the center of attention! This is lot 78.

the Portrait jewelry collector: the art of miniature portrait painting was at its peak during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Some were done on guilloché, watercolor on ivory, and even enamel. This one shows the side profile of a lady in a vibrant red veil, set in 15k gold. This is lot 85.

the figural art jewelry collector: jewelry that depicts a woman’s body or a man, sometimes even both, together are highly collectible and often of Art Nouveau origin. The woman figure in this ring, with the Lily of the Valley along the band are gorgeous examples. This is lot 128.

the mystical and unique antique fiend: an enameled mask ring is completely amazing–I’ve seen lots of masked women, or theatrical masks used in antique jewelry and every piece is incredibly intriguing.  These pieces of fantasy usually are quite symbolic in meaning. This is lot 194.

the Serpent jewelry lover: snake jewelry is addictively collectible–this coiled bracelet is such a great example of serpent jewelry!  A bracelet that slithers up your wrist is on everyone’s wish list.  It also has emerald eyes and a diamond tail!  This is lot 216.

the Prince of Wales feathers fan: did you know this style of ring has a name? It is reminiscent of the Prince of Wales feathers…don’t believe me?  Google it!  There are lots of trinkets and emblems that have this design pattern and how fitting to be able to wear one made of gold and diamonds?!  This is lot 241.

the Art Nouveau jewelry enthusiast: the time period in terms of jewelry design was short-lived, but what was produced in this short time is highly sought after and collectible!  This gorgeous brooch is designed by Barnet Henry Joseph and is done in 9k gold with two turquoise cabochons.  This is lot 259.

the opaque-gem collector: Opaque means that you can’t see through it and there are several gemstones that are categorized as opaque.  This beautiful pendant plays up the use of opaque gemstones in its design, where it is set with lapis, turquoise, coral and malachite.  This is lot 389.

the Belle Époque jewelry collector: this ring has typical, asymmetrical design shape of this time period, set with rose cut diamonds.  Such a pretty, delicate ring that would look lovely on the right hand.  Would make a great wedding day jewel! This is lot 522.

the Locket lover: lockets are the type of jewelry that evokes love and remembrance. Lockets have long been a perfect gift for that sentimental person and collected by so many people.  This one is a step above many lockets out there because of its age, excellent condition and the number of diamonds it is encrusted with!  The black enamel is perfection and the French assay marks make it desirable.  This is lot 542.

the Pearl person: if you love pearls, this ring is as unique as it gets! The semi-baroque center pearl is accented on each side by cultured pearls, on a plain band.  It stands out and would look great on any finger!  This is lot 546.

the Intaglio collector: intaglios are the opposite of cameos, where the gemstone is carved into creating a seal, a portrait or a design of some sort.  This ring is set with a sardonyx hardstone with a ship at sea carved into it– with the motto “Shine Metu” scrawled below it.  This is lot 570.

the Victorian bracelet connoisseur: I love this miniature portrait hinged bracelet depicting a woman set with rose cut diamonds surrounding her.  The bracelet is an amazing piece and is quite breath-taking, I can only imagine what it looks like in person!  This is lot 579.

the Rose cut diamond lover: rose cut diamonds are unique because they have flat bottoms and kite-shaped facets on top.  They sparkle differently than any other cut, and if they are old rose cut diamonds, they are quite rare! This ring is special because it is set with all rose cut diamonds in a cluster, giving you a big look for less.  This is lot 587.


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