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Favorite Instagrams: Summer 2015

hibbatrix annasheffield bellflowerbay circaoncedros minsunkimyoo levi_higgs jessicamccormackdiamonds sandrinemerle tinyjewelboxdc maelgwns_muse jewelsdujour ara_vartanian reliquarysf cakiesblog

hibbatrix and the most perfect color palette ring boxes from Gilt Jewelry

annasheffield posts this incredible photo of the talented artist Berndnaut Smilde

bellflowerbay and a dreamy snapshot from her wedding day held at The Bell House in BK

circaoncedros snaps this photo of some of their ring inventory, I can’t seem to pick a favorite!

minsunkimyoo with her really cool ring designs hanging with her mom for this sweet photo

levi_higgs taking a rainy day advantage at The Morgan Library with a lot of options

jessicamccormackdiamonds got lucky and found these books at an antique fair

sandrinemerle makes me want NEED a vintage Bulgari watch like the one above

tinyjewelboxdc posted this incredible one-of-a-kind antique blackamore gold necklace

maelgwns_muse is reading Fashion Victims: Dreass at the Court of Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette

jewelsdujour is a sucker for a good collage, especially one that involves Jean Schlumberger renderings and jewels

ara_vartanian I’m obsessed with this ring.  That is all.

reliquarysf just finished up with a buying trip and this is the aftermath

cakiesblog has a nice ring collection building, along with her DIY ring box she made