Endless talk of all things sparkly.

Favorite Instagrams: Summer 2013

lotedesco thezenobia2 arielgordonjewelry benbridgejwlr icecreamcandy ice_jewelry antiquejewelryaddiction theglamourai rumineely arusselljewelry thecoveteur3 stendhal_nyc jemmawynne anitakojewelry

lotedesco wearing the cutest shirt + necklace combination 

thezenobia perfectly framed picture for a Gradute Gemologist!

arieldgordonjewelry has the coolest office, I could get a lot of work done staring at that diamond

benbridgejwlr slightly obsessed with this trio of stackable flowers #want #need

icecreamcandy lining up some uniquely colored gems and having a design brainstorm

ice_jewelry great bracelet stack–some classics mixed with a wild panther

antiquejewelryaddiction helping a customer complete her David Yurman collection

theglamourai love her mix of H.Stern with catbird with David Yurman 

rumineely awesome shot of Pont des Arts–such a cool concept

arusselljewelry quartz crystals, anyone?

thecoveteur “The Pressure is Good for You”

stendhal_nyc love this cover of Harper’s Bazaar

jemmawynne loads of watermelon tourmalines, a favorite gemstone

anitakojewelry has some amazing panthers in her collection, and love that they have green eyes