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Favorite Instagrams: Late Winter 2015

excaliburjewelry sunnysbondjewelry emilyameyjewelry levi_higgs fergusonsfinejewelry bona_drag richhomiequan davidwebbjewels lannahdunn eriebasin onekingslane szorcollections ambyrchildersjewelry lfrankjewelry

excaliburjewelry stacks of ring trays make for this shot any ring lover’s dream

sunnysbondjewelry visits the Natural History Museum of LA and stumbles upon some California Gems

emilyameyjewelry released these new rings from her Kite Collection, love them!

levi_higgs visits the Brooklyn Museum and is having a hard time picking a pitcher 😉

fergusonfinejewelry has a tempting lineup of conversion pieces, I can’t pick a favorite

bona_drag I’m all kinds of obsessed with this new fragrance by Stephanie Simek

richhomiequan has his Miami street style down and I am super jealous

davidwebbjewels this has got to be my FAVORITE David Webb ring, turquoise + lapis

lannahdunn love this shadowy picture featuring some antique and vintage rings

eriebasin knows how to make some badass unconventional ear studs from antique pins

onekingslane captures a love of mine in the best way possible, vintage Wedgwood (I collect the black only)

szorcollections showcases this edgy cuff by Estyn Hulbert rightfully called the Bullet Cuff

ambyrchildersjewelry says Rise and Shine with this banded agate arrowhead

lfrankjewelry silk, velvet, gold and gemstones…nothing better is right!