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Favorite Instagram Pictures: August 2014

suzannekalan mociun hannahmlondon carrerasjewelers sunnysbondjewelry freemansauctions Untitled vintagejewelboy ranimolofsky juliewolfdesign heartofsolidgold markatthemuseum lfrankjewelry icecreamcandy

suzannekalan known for having some amazing stack rings, she proves necklaces are no feat as well

mociun now carries Makers Circle rings although I’m dying to have one in solid gold (these are gold plated)

hannahmlondon and her incredible engagement ring, looks so modern and stylish

carrerasjewelers if I could pick another engagement ring for myself, this would be it!

sunnysbondjewelry is obsessing over opals and gold…so are we!

freemansauctions dying over these Cartier rings and this diamond collar from their auction back in May

vikavickyvictoria having fun at BaselWorld checking out Chopard’s capsule collection

vintagejewelboy I love this shot, with the cup immaculately engraved with the frames in the background

randimolofsky has an emerald friend, along with her gorgeous rings from Jacquie Aiche, Zaiken Jewelry & Di Modolo

juliewolfdesign has a new lineup of necklaces she has put together for sale, love them!

heartofsolidgold displays her personal collection in an antique ring holder, just beautiful!

martkatthemuseum incredibly captures Ingres’ Comtesse d’Haussonville out of his textbook

lfrankjewelry knows how to set a bold, chunky gemstone, these are breath-taking

icecreamcandy designed a modern version of the crowned heart ring with these gorgeous gemstones