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Ask Gem Gossip, Volume Two!

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@avagoldworks writes: Would you rather have a bland piece of jewelry from a famous jewelry store, or a fabulous handcrafted piece by a jeweler who isn’t well-known?

GemGossip answers:  I think some of the most incredible pieces of jewelry come from jewelers and/or designers that are mostly unknown.  One of my most favorite things to do is discover this talent and make them known!  And yes, a lot of bland jewelry comes from very famous jewelry stores.  I think that should answer your question!


 @heypretty08 writes: Where in the world would you want to visit next to look for antique jewels?

GemGossip answers:  Good question!  I have a wedding I have to attend at the end of this month in upstate NY, so I am excited to venture up there.  I might even plan a road trip while up North…we’ll see! 😉


@stifeltower writes: My grandmother passed on some uncut opals to me because we were both October birthdays.  How should they be stored? I would like to have them put into some wearable jewellery someday and don’t want to ruin them!

GemGossip answers: All opals should be stored somewhere where it can receive adequate moisture.  If you’ve ever been to a museum exhibit where opals are on display, there will be a small glass of water tucked somewhere nearby–this is for that exact reason!  So storing them in a dry place is not good!

@aris120783 writes: I second the opal question and raise it a moonstone…how about storage for those as well?? I have some vintage ones left to me by my mom…

GemGossip writes: The biggest thing you have to worry about with moonstones is it getting scratched by other stones it comes in contact with–so don’t store moonstone in a bag with other gemstones, which can rub against one another.  


@elliebeth writes: When wearing jewelry can you ever wear too much? I know it’s the wearers preference but I would like to know your thoughts.

GemGossip answers: I think it mostly depends on the combination of the jewelry worn–like a whole bunch of jewelry that clashes–unflattering color combos, too many different eras, etc.  But if all the jewelry flows well together, with neat gemstone combinations, a common theme, or something like that–I think the more the merrier.  The above photo is a great way to illustrate my answer–this woman is wearing LOTS of bracelets and necklaces, but it looks super cool.  It looks like years of stories and collecting, and I think that is amazing.  (photo from @thejewelryboxlf )