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Enhance Your Wardrobe: Gold Statement Necklaces #LoveGold

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More and more lately I’ve been drawn to bold gold statement necklaces that really enhance an outfit.  I’ve put my dainty chain necklaces and little charms off to the side for the moment in order to really wear something that is bold and memorable.  With big gold necklaces, beauty is all in the details, so wearing neutral colors like black, navy and gray are ideal for this look.  I’ve picked my current three favorites, each incredibly different in their own ways, but all fit the same category of being a BOLD GOLD STATEMENT NECKLACE:

1. 14k yellow gold Victorian serpent necklace, circa 1880s.  This necklace definitely makes a statement and even better, it has history.  I wore this necklace to the GEM Awards in NYC and received lots of compliments, and it was a piece of jewelry that provoked conversation.  I would show people the enamel work on the snake head and flip over the dangling heart to show a compartment where hair resides.  It is so mysterious and incredible!  I paired it with a black and gold sweater dress, with minimal earrings and lots of stacking rings.  

2. 18k yellow gold twisted rope chain, circa 1980s.  Fast forward 100 years from the Victorian serpent necklace, and you have this heavy looking rope chain.  At first, you make think that the style is out-dated and totally Mr. T, however just by doubling up the length and wearing a chic outfit, you can turn this into a sought-after look.  I wore this necklace to Couture last year, pairing it with a plain grey V-neck tee and a black frindge skirt.

3. 18k yellow gold Cleopatra-inspired fringe necklace, circa 1940s.  This type of necklace can make any outfit look incredible, and best part–it even makes you feel incredible!  No matter what type of neckline it just works!  I’ve worn it a lot with ripped jeans and a vintage rocker tee and it adds the perfect amount of drama.  I may just bring it to Couture this year and dress it up on a night out!  


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