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Engagement Ring Trends for 2013 #LoveGold

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2013 is a good year for new beginnings, whether you are getting engaged or planning a wedding, and a big part of that special day are the rings! Early in 2013, I got engaged and for me choosing an engagement ring seemed like an impossible task. Not only do I see rings everyday, but I appraise them, clean them, examine them, photograph them…day after day. My problem became, “how am I supposed to choose one ring that I will never tire of, since I will be wearing it everyday?!” If you know me, you know that I wear different rings everyday, so this was definitely a challenge.

For me, it came down to tradition, first loves, and numerology. My mom’s ring is a bypass ring, so I wanted the same style (tradition). My first love has always been yellow gold or rose gold, so even though white is a popular trend, I stuck with what I like. I knew from the start that I wanted an antique ring, so that was a no-brainer. And finally, I am into numbers and the significance and meaning behind them, so I loved the idea of two diamonds, symbolizing the marriage of two people, toi et moi. I sat down at Walton’s Antique Jewelry where I work, and rounded up some perfect examples of my top four trend categories for engagement rings. Which is your favorite?

1. Classic Antique Diamonds in White Gold: this category is our best selling and most sought after. A ring featuring a single Old European cut diamond or Old Mine cut diamond in the center, flanked by an array of designs, filigree, or engraved metal work. Accent diamonds can really create a unique style, whether they are smaller round cuts, baguette cuts, square cuts or even trapezoid cuts. Styles from this category are usually from the Edwardian or Art Deco time period.

2. Unconventional Antique Diamonds in Yellow Gold: many women are opting for yellow gold for their engagement ring as it is increasingly becoming more en vogue. Yellow gold diamond ring styles that are unconventional, meaning not a typical solitaire, can come from the Victorian Era or Art Nouveau Era. These pieces stand out from your typical bride-to-be and can be more cost-effective. A cluster of smaller diamonds usually costs less than one large diamond.

3. Unconventional Antique Diamonds in White Gold: if white gold is your style, and you want something untraditional, there are lots of gorgeous choices in terms of cluster diamond rings. Although a wedding band may not be in your future when choosing this category, the hoards of compliments you will receive can make up for that! Edwardian and Art Deco dinner ring styles are aplenty in antique shops around the world, and wearing one on your ring finger would be so cool!

4. Gemstone Rings in Yellow Gold: if you really want to be different, any gemstone other than a diamond would be fabulous. How chic would a garnet cluster ring be worn as an engagement ring?! Or you could do as Prince Albert and wear a serpent ring–follow in Queen Victoria’s footsteps. I have always preferred yellow gold with gemstones, it makes the ring feel more regal and precious.

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