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eBay Sadness and Goodness

eBay seller: gemsymons

eBay is an exciting place–the search is riveting, the bidding is intense, and the win in triumphant. But what about the bidding losers? Or the amazing finds that you miss out on? It is sad when you find a piece of jewelry that is so perfect and beautiful, only to see a bidding war, followed by a “Bidding has ended on this item” alert. This is exactly what happened to me with this gorgeous ruby and diamond navette style ring. My search for the perfect navette ring has been a long one, and when I clicked on this little stunner I felt that it was a sure win. Final bidding price? $236.26 Still clearly below any retail or boutique would have marked on a ring like this, but man, just too much for me at the moment. Oh well…the search continues!

>>Do any of you have a certain piece of jewelry that you have been searching for, but just haven’t found the perfect one?