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Doyle & Doyle Presents, THE VAULT series featuring Gem Gossip

Sentimental Rings (1)

Some exciting news!  Doyle & Doyle‘s latest creation, THE VAULT, an ongoing series of exhibitions of curated collections around a theme, has chosen myself as co-collaborator of their next installation!  Both myself and the Doyle sisters have worked closely coming up with a theme and choosing the pieces that will be featured.  The theme is Sentimental Rings, with pieces that fall within five categories – Birth & Childhood, Memento, Love Token, Courting & Marriage and Death & Mourning.  I am so excited to see all the pieces in one place, both from Doyle & Doyle and my own personal collection. 

This event will appeal to jewelry connoisseurs and insiders since it is showcasing some very interesting and rare pieces with the intellectual theme of “Sentimental Jewels” as it’s reflected through historical periods and pieces. The exhibit will run from October 9th to November 9th, with a private preview party on on Wednesday, October 8th at Doyle & Doyle, located in NYC’s meatpacking district. 

Please join us as we unveil this showcase of rings–send me an email, there is limited space for the private preview party, but I would love to try and get everyone in!!  Would love to meet you all!!



Sentimental Rings- From Birth to Death and In-between
October 9th – November 9th
Doyle & Doyle
412 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10014