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January is here, and this month’s birthstone is the garnet. Known for its deep red wine color, this gemstone has been used in jewelry since the Bronze Age! Here we have a bracelet and a ring that we showcase in our store, both from the 1890s. The bracelet is gold-filled and really sparkles, priced at $800.  The ring has a 10k shank with a sterling silver setting (which was often done during the Victorian era). Price $125.


Antique pocket watches have been collected by many over the years, and here at Walton’s Antique Jewelry we have several. This one featured above is for sale in our showroom, priced at $150. It is from the 1900s and is made by Elgin, a respectable watch company which was founded in 1864. This piece would make a good keepsake.

Check out this pocket watch today, or take a look at our others by stopping in!

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